5th Ranger Training Battalion, Dahlonega Georgia

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Camp Frank D. Merrill is the home of the 5th Ranger Training Battalion. The Mountain phase lasts 21 days of the 61 day school where small unit leaders are instructed in combat techniques and procedures used to move swiftly over all types of terrain. The Mountain phase is the second of the three phases, and is designed to enhance the soldiers ability to plan and execute small unit combat missions in mountainous terrain. This phase covers mountaineering skills, small unit tactics, patrol infiltration and extractions, raids, ambushes and other skills required for close combat and direct fire missions. The stamina and commitment of the Ranger student is stressed to the maximum with the rugged terrain, severe weather, mental and physical fatigue.

Upon completion of the Mountaineering phase of the U.S Army Ranger School the student are transported to Dobbins Air Base where they are flown by C-130 to the next phase at Camp Rudder.

The DOL's mission at Camp Frank D. Merrill is to provide GSA fleet management, helicopter refueling, bulk POL, and courier service to Fort Benning.

Key Phone Numbers:

Camp Merrill Switchboard (706) 864-3327
Bn CDR EXT: 106
Bn CSM EXT: 107
Bn XO EXT: 105
S-1 EXT: 104
S-2 EXT: 264
S-3 EXT: 236
S-4 EXT: 247
A Co EXT: 300
B Co EXT: 400
C Co EXT: 500
Fire Dept EXT: 611


Our Mission:
To provide logistical support to train, mobilize, deploy, support, sustain, and reconstitute forces.

Our Vision:
A professional, values-based organization committed to providing the most effective and innovative logistics support in the world... first in training support, force projection, and quality of life.

Key Functions:

  • Arm the Force
  • Feed the Force
  • Maintain the Force
  • Sustain the Force
  • Transport the Force

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