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Frequently Asked Questions


QUESTION: I plan on staying in the local area for awhile after I get out of the Military. How long do I have to use my orders?

ANSWER: On ETS orders, you have 6 months from the date of ETS to utilize your move to your Home of Record or Place of Entry on Active duty or an equal distance. If you have Retirement Orders, you are authorized One (1) year from date of retirement to utilize your move to your Home of Selection within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

QUESTION: I have recently retired and will not be ready to move with the one year time frame. Can this time be extended?

ANSWER: IAW JFTR paragraph U5012I, Travel and Transportation allows that an extension may be authorized based on written time limit extension request that includes an explanation of the circumstances justifying the extension. Travel and Transportation allowances may not be extended for more than 6 years from the date of retirement.

QUESTION: How long does it take to get my household goods picked up?

ANSWER: During non-peak shipping season (Sept-April), usually 5 working days is enough notice to have household goods and unaccompanied baggage picked up. During peak season (May - September), it's possible that all carriers are booked as much as 20 days in advance. therefore, it is imperative that you contact the office immediately upon receipt of orders. This office will make every effort to accommodate the dates you desire. However, we must rely on the moving industry to provide the service.

QUESTION: I have TCS orders and will be deploying soon. Can I move my family back to my home while I am deployed?

ANSWER: Movement of household goods and dependents are authorized on PCS orders only. Full PCS entitlements do not apply for TCS orders.

QUESTION: I have TCS orders and will be deploying soon. Can I put my household goods in storage?

ANSWER: Special storage of HHG in connection with TCS orders is authorized for:

  • Single soldiers (both regular active duty and RC)
  • Soldiers married to another service member when both are deployed
  • Soldiers married to another service member residing at different permanent duty stations.
  • Soldiers who are single parents with a childcare plan that requires the dependant to leave the residence.

QUESTION: I have recently married and would like to ship my spouse's personal property to Fort Benning. Am I authorized shipment of his/her property at government expense?

ANSWER: In order to be authorized shipment of personal property at Government expense, that property must be your property, acquired by you prior to the effective date of your orders to Fort Benning, GA. Property acquired after your report date to Fort Benning cannot be shipped at Government expense until you receive a new PCS order.

QUESTION: I recently shipped my household goods to Germany. I've been deleted from the assignment. How do I get my property back?

ANSWER: Based on your Revocation orders, property can be reshipped back to your previous duty station. If your property was placed in nontemporary storage, you have 90 days from date of revocation to have your property removed from storage. Contact the Inbound Section to have property shipped back and the Outbound Section if you placed your property in nontemporary storage here.


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QUESTION: I am considering moving my own property to my next duty station. How do I make arrangements for this and can you tell me how much money I will make?

ANSWER: To arrange a Do-It-Yourself (DITY) move you will need to come to the Transportation office with 4 copies of the orders and attend a DITY brief. After the brief you will come back to the office to pick up the documents necessary to settle the move which will provide you with an estimated dollar amount for the move. You will receive payment of a monetary allowance equal to 95% of the Government's constructed cost.

QUESTION: How long does it take to receive my DITY settlement after I complete the DITY move?

ANSWER: You should receive payment no later than 30 days after you complete and submit the documents to this office. Service member will be taxed 28% of settlement.

QUESTION: Do I get paid mileage on a DITY move?

ANSWER: No, the mileage is paid through finance as a part of your Travel Pay.

QUESTION: Is my food and lodging covered by my DITY move?

ANSWER: No, this is paid through finance as a part of your Travel Pay.

QUESTION: Where can I get my weight tickets for my DITY move?

ANSWER: You can get your weight tickets from any state certified weighing station. Weight stations are at most all Truck Stops and Moving and Storage Companies.

QUESTION: Can I do a DITY move and have the Government move some of my property?

ANSWER: Yes, you can do a DITY and a government move in conjunction with each other not to exceed the weight allowance based on your rank and dependent status.


QUESTION: I shipped property to Ft Benning. How will I know my shipment is here?

ANSWER: Immediately upon arrival to Ft Benning contact the Inbound Personal Property Section, Transportation Branch, Telephone 706-545-4900. If your shipment has arrived, you will be given instructions on how to schedule delivery. If your property has not yet arrived, contact information will be taken and you will be contacted immediately once it arrives.

QUESTION: I just PCS'd to Ft Benning and have property at another location. How can I get it here?

ANSWER: If your property is stored at Government Expense at another installation, contact the Inbound Personal Property Section. Along with your request for shipment and PCS orders, a request for shipment will be processed and forwarded to the installation where your property is stored. You will need to come into the Inbound section to make those arrangements. If your property is located at a residence or in private storage at another location, come into the Outbound Personal Property Section with copies of PCS orders assigning you to Ft Benning. If this is your first duty station also brings in your MEPS orders or Enlistment Contract. A Counselor will complete documentation to have your property shipped here.

QUESTION: I have property shipped here that is in storage. The 90 days storage is about to expire and I am having a house built. How can I get the storage extended?

ANSWER: Contact the Inbound Personal Property section and request in writing an extension of Storage. Recent change in the Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR) only provides for a maximum of 180 days temporary storage without approval from Southeastern Regional Office. Additional storage beyond 180 days may not be authorized/approved if you elect to have a home built while other housing is available.

QUESTION: I have just arrived and my property is still in Temporary Storage. I now have TCS orders and will be deploying. What happens to my property in storage?

ANSWER: Once you provide the Inbound Personal Property Section a copy of your TCS orders, your property may remain in storage until your return from deployment if: you are single with no dependents you have dependents and they are not at your new duty station and will not come here until you return from deployment. NOTE: If the dependents are at the new duty station and for whatever reason cannot or will not accept delivery, the storage converts to your expense.

QUESTION: Why do I have to be available from 0800 to 1700 to have my property delivered? Why can't the moving Company give me a time?

ANSWER: Transportation Providers are required by Government Regulations to deliver or pick up property between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday. Upon your request, the Transportation Provider may schedule your move for Morning or Afternoon.

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QUESTION: How can I research information concerning shipping and storing my Personal Property and POV?

ANSWER: You may go on the WEB at www.sddc.army.mil; click on Personal property at the top right. Scroll down the right side. There are information pamphlets on both Shipping/Storing Your Household Goods and POV.

QUESTION: If I have TDY Orders (DD Form 1610) sending me overseas for 179 days, can I store my household goods and ship some also?

ANSWER: No. Nontemporary Storage is not authorized for TDY and return to same duty station orders.

QUESTION: What are my entitlements if I'm attending a service school in conjunction with a PCS?

ANSWER: If you are attending a PCS course of instruction, you are authorized shipment to your school and also nontemporary storage of any part of your weight allowance. If your PCS orders have a temporary duty in route you are also authorized to store your property pending completion of your TDY then shipment to your PCS duty station.

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QUESTION: What time will the movers be at my residence to pack and pickup my furniture?

ANSWER: The movers will arrive at your residence between 0800 and 1700 hrs.

QUESTION: Where do I turn in my paperwork to file a claim for damage to my household goods?

ANSWER: You must first file claim with the carrier; if you feel you weren't compensated properly, then you can file a claim at JAG with the stipulation of only receiving 75% replacement value (instead of full replacement value from the carrier).

QUESTION: How long after my property is delivered do I have to file my claim for damages?

ANSWER: You have 70 days to initiate your claim against the carrier and 2 years to finalize the claim with the Government.

QUESTION: Will the movers return to pick up packing material at a later date?

ANSWER: Movers are required to remove all packing material after they have unpacked your household goods. If you waive the unpacking and decide to do it yourself, the movers are not required to return and pick up the packing material.

QUESTION: Can I ship furniture in my unaccompanied baggage?

ANSWER: Unaccompanied baggage consist of items such as clothes, dishes, linens, small collapsible items such as cribs, playpens and changing tables. It should only contain items that you need immediately upon arrival overseas. All furniture is to be shipped as Household goods.

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QUESTION: When can I apply for a passport?

ANSWER: Once the sponsor has been identified by levy for an assignment. Note: Do not wait for the order.

QUESTION: What is needed to apply for a No-Fee passport?


  • 1. DD FORM 1056 – Authorization to Apply for a No-Fee Passport and/or Request for Visa.
    • a. Typed and signed in blue ink by Authorizing Official.
    • b. For all PCS, Dependents, and Service Members, this form is obtained from levy/AG Office.
    • c. For TDY, the form is obtained from the unit’s S-2 section. We must have a signature card on file in the Transportation office.
    • d. DoD Civilians needing a DD 1056, please visit the CPO office, Bldg 6, Room 134. Phone: (706) 545-2726.
    • e. If the sponsor is already located overseas and has obtained command sponsorship, his/her overseas command can issue the DD Form 1056.
  • 2. DS-11 FORM (Application for Passport) - must be completed on line and printed out. Website address to apply for a No-Fee Passport, www.travel.state.gov click on Application and Forms; click on DS11; click on apply for Passport Book. Use the wizard to complete the DS11. If completed correctly, there should be a barcode in the upper left-hand corner of the DS11.
    • a. Official Military ID Card (Preferred)
    • b. Driver’s License (not temporary or learner’s permit)
  • 4. ACCEPTABLE EVIDENCE OF U.S. CITIZENSHIP – Any of the following may be used:
    • a. A previous issue U.S. passport, current or expired.
    • b. Original Certified Birth Record with a seal and file date (No hospital birth records, mother’s copy, notarized copies or abstract birth certificates).
    • c. Original Consular Report of Birth certified with a seal.
    • d. Original Naturalization Certificate.

QUESTION: Are all minor children required to be present when applying for passports?

ANSWER: Yes. As of February 1, 2004, Passport Services requires the personal appearance of all minors applying for U.S. passports.

QUESTION: How much does the passport cost?

ANSWER: Passport(s) are at no cost to DoD personnel or dependents when traveling on orders.

QUESTION: How long does it take to get a passport?

ANSWER: 4-8 work weeks is the required processing time. Do not expect your passport to be back until one week prior to the departure date listed on Block #14 of DD Form 1056. It is not necessary to call us to check the status of your passport; we will notify you when passport is received.

QUESTION: Can I call the Special Issuance Agency to check on the status of my passport?

ANSWER: No! Only installation passport agents are authorized to call. Status cannot be checked until 4 weeks after the passport application has been submitted.

QUESTION: Why should I use an Official/"No-Fee" Passport?

ANSWER: To follow DOS and DOD Directives; To avoid Customs/Immigration Entry/Exit Complications, deception means trouble and possible deportation from host country; To give you more protection and privileges in case of accident or other incident. A regular tourist passport cannot provide the same protection or privileges of an official passport; Travel tickets will not be issued without Official/ No Fee passport; To avoid departure fees from host country.

QUESTION: Can I travel on a tourist passport instead of a No-Fee official to an overseas location when on official orders?

ANSWER: No, absolutely not.

QUESTION: Where do I obtain passport photos?

ANSWER: Passport photos may be obtained from the Photo Lab (Bldg 130, Morrison Ave) on Thursday mornings between the hours of 0730-1130. Phone: (706) 545-1381.

QUESTION: What is acceptable attire for passport photographs?

ANSWER: Street attire is acceptable, uniforms must not be worn. Hats or headgear obscuring hairline, white shirts/blouses, halter tops and low cut blouses are all prohibited.

QUESTION: Can I use a photograph that is more than one year old?

ANSWER: No. The photograph must be taken within the last six months and must be a passport photo 2X2 in size.

QUESTION: Do I have to take an oath to get a passport?

ANSWER: Yes. The customer must swear to or affirm to the truthfulness and completeness of the statements made on the passport application (Form DS-11).

QUESTION: Do both biological or adoptive parents have to appear and give their consent for the issuance of a Passport to a minor under 16?

ANSWER: Yes. Both parents must appear together and sign or do the following:

  • 1. One parent appears, signs, and submits second parent's notarized statement of consent (Form DS-3053, Statement of Consent: Issuance of a Passport to a Minor Under Age 14) authorizing passport issuance for the child, or a notarized written statement with the same information on a sheet of paper from the non-appearing parent that includes the child's name and date of birth, as well as a copy of the absent parent’s ID.
  • 2. One parent appears, signs, and submits primary evidence of sole authority to apply (such as one of the following):
    • a. Child's certified U.S. or foreign birth certificate (with translation, if necessary) listing only applying parent; or
    • b. Consular Report of Birth Abroad (Form FS-240) or Certification of Birth Abroad (Form DS-1350) listing only applying parent; or
    • c. Court order granting sole custody to the applying parent (unless child's travel is restricted by that order); or
    • d. Adoption decree (if applying parents is sole adopting parent); or
    • e. Court order specifically permitting applying parent's or guardian's travel with the child; or
    • f. Judicial declaration of incompetence of non-applying parent; or
    • g. Death certificate of non-applying parent.
    • h. NOTE: A third-party in loco parentis applying on behalf of a minor under the age of 16 must submit a notarized written statement or affidavit from both parents or guardians authorizing a third-party to apply for a passport. When the statement or affidavit is from only one parent/guardian, the third-party must present evidence of sole custody of the authorizing parent/guardian.

QUESTION: Does a previous passport prove a child’s parentage?

ANSWER: No. A previous passport only proves citizenship, and only has the child’s name, birth date and place of birth. It does not show the names of the parents. A long form birth certificate must be submitted for children 13 and under.

QUESTION: Can the parent sign the Form DS-11 for all dependents?

ANSWER: No. Dependents 14 years or older must appear in person to sign their own (DS-11) passport application.

QUESTION: My spouse/dependent is not a US citizen. What do I do?

ANSWER: Your dependent must have a valid passport from the country which they are a national of (i.e. a German national must have a valid passport from Germany). If your dependent is a National of the country to which you are being assigned, they will need their valid passport for that country. If they are not a National of the country to which you are being assigned, check with the passport office for that country’s Visa requirements.

QUESTION: Can a passport be expedited?

ANSWER: Yes, for DOD personnel only. Dependent passports cannot be expedited as they do not have a report date. The following are the requirements for request of expedite:

  • 1. Request for expedite service requires a General Officer or SES equivalent signature. Only authorized exception is a request initiated at an installation where no general officer or SES equivalent exists.
  • 2. Expedite letter must be in expedite format and must be on unit letterhead. Format may be obtained from Passport section.
  • 3. If passport is required in less than 30 days then orders and or a travel itinerary must be included with application.
  • 4. Visa's CANNOT be expedited.

QUESTION: How long does it take to obtain a visa?

ANSWER: The average time for a visa is 30 days.

QUESTION: When can a customer pick up the passport?

ANSWER: The passport may be picked up when it has come back from the SPECIAL ISSUANCE AGENCY in Washington D.C. and you have been notified. Active duty personnel may pick up passport without orders but must present photo ID. For dependents, the sponsor or spouse must present complete concurrent or dependent travel orders and photo I.D. when picking up passports. Passports will not be released from our office without concurrent or dependent travel orders.

QUESTION: If I leave the area, can the passport be mailed to my leave address?

ANSWER: Yes. You must provide us with concurrent travel orders, a stateside address and a contact telephone number and we (Transportation Office / Passport Sect.) will forward passports to you once received back from the Department of State. Please be sure to provide us with a good contact number, we must be able to contact you prior to mailing out passports. If we are unable to contact you we will keep your passports in our office until you contact us or passports expire.

QUESTION: How do I report a lost or stolen passport?

ANSWER: Submit form DS-64, “Statement Regarding Lost or Stolen Passport,” to the nearest Passport Agency or, if abroad, the nearest American Embassy or Consulate. If stolen, the theft should be reported to the police authorities where the theft occurred.

QUESTION: Can tourist passport be obtained from Transportation?

ANSWER: No. Information on how to apply for a tourist passport can be obtained on-line at http://travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html or by calling the local office at (706) 689-1696 located on 110 Vibbert Ave, Fort Benning, GA 31905.

QUESTION: Is a passport needed for travel to and from Alaska, Hawaii, or any of the U.S, territories?

ANSWER: For travel to and from Alaska, a passport is required for dependents. If traveling through Canada, the active duty member will travel on military ID card and travel orders. A passport is not required when a U.S. citizen is traveling directly between the United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa, already established forms of identification may be continued to be used to board flights and for entry.

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