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Week of Oct 24-28, 2016
Seven courses in session, 321 students from 14 countries.

Command & General Staff Officer Course
(66 students) Practical Exercise in the use of Force; “Past as Prologue: War in the Modern World study; Developing, Analyzing and Selecting Courses of Action to produce Orders; and studies of Theory of Negotiation.

Maneuver Captains Career Course-WHINSEC
(32 students) studies Stability Operations, takes elective classes, conducts out-processing procedures, and visits the National Infantry Museum.

Countering Transnational Threats Course 2-16
(40 students) studies Patrolling, Urban Operations and Airmobile Operations.

NCO Professional Development Course 2-16
(42 students) studies Reconstitution, Consolidation, and Reorganization of units and Using Terrain Tables; conducts a two-day CAPSTONE computer simulation exercise.

Intelligence Analysis of Transnational Operations Course
(28 Students) studies Matrix Analysis, Link Analysis, Tactical Intel Packages (TIP), Telecommunications Analysis, Identifying High Value Targets, and Enemy Courses of Action; conducts a Field Studies Program Trip to Atlanta.

Small Unit Leader Course
(16 students) studies Application of the Law of War to Small Unit Combat Operations, Combat Orders; Casualty Evacuation, Tactical Site Exploitation and the History of the NCO; conducts a Leadership Exam, a Training Exam, and Land Navigation.

Cadet Leadership Development Course
(97 students) studies Team Building, Leadership Traits and Behaviors, Developing a Fitness Plan, and Map Reading; conducts U.S. Weapons Familiarization and Mechanical Training, MSTC Lanes, Combat Water Survival Training, and Day and Night Land Navigation.