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Week of July 18-22, 2016
Four courses in session, 303 students from fifteen countries.

*Civil Affairs Operations Course begins Wednesday, July 20.*

Command & General Staff Officer Course
(65 students) studies the Legal System of the U.S., Legal Treatment of Detainees, Development of Organizations and Leaders, and Understanding of Diverse Cultures; conducts a staff ride to Andersonville National Historic Site (Civil War Prison Camp and POW/MIA Museum).

Maneuver Captains Career Course-WHINSEC
(32 students) has students issue Operations Orders for the Company in the Attack then execute the orders in the Close Combat Tactical Trainer; studies Defensive Operations (Golan Heights vignette), developing the battle area, Planning Engineer Obstacles, Counter-Mobility, the Enemy in the Offensive and Destruction of the Enemy Force.

NCO Professional Development Course
(41 students) and NCO Professional Development-English Course (10 students) conduct a Leadership Exam; study After-Action Reviews; Combating Stress; Troop-Leading Procedures; Plans, Orders and Annexes; Army Operations, Security Operations and Sustainment Operations.

Cadet Leadership Development Course 4-16
(155 students) conducts M16/M4 Marksmanship—Zeroing, Qualifying and Reflexive Fire; studies Troop-Leading Procedures, the Operational Environment, and Democracy and Human Rights.

*Civil Affairs Operations Course begins with an orientation to the course, classes on Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Rape, on Human Rights and Democracy, and on Democracy and the Armed Forces.