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Week of Jul 24-28, 2017
Six courses in session with 350 Students from fourteen countries.

Maneuver Captains Career Course-WHINSEC
(32 students) studies Supression of Enemy Air Defenses, Direct Fire Planning, Facilitating Operations, and Troop-Leading Procedures for the Operations Order; conducts a Tactical Decision-Making Exercise and student briefings on the Operations Order.

Command & General Staff Officer Course
(58 students) studies the Ethical Dimensions of Organizational Leadership, Effective Communications, Critical and Creative Thinking, Just War, and the Rise of the Nation-State and Modern War, and Organizational Power and Influence; conducts a trip to Columbus government and cultural sites.

Interagency Crisis Action Planning
(20 students) conducts Field Studies Program trips to Atlanta and to the Little White House, Warm Springs, GA; studies Democracy & Human Rights Awareness, Ethics, the Operational Environment, and Civil Affairs issues: CA History & Heritage, Organization and Structure, Core Tasks, Unified Action Partners and Displaced Civilian Operations.

Basic Enlisted Leadership Professional Development
(27 Students) studies Army Leadership, History of the Army & NCO, Development Counseling, NCO Evaluation Reports, Prevention of Sexual Harassment & Rape, Effects of Culture, Ethical Problem Solving, Military Justice & Discipline, Resilience, Suicide Prevention and Training Management.

Cadet Leadership Development
(154 Students) studies Democracy and Human Rights, “The Army Leader,” Leadership Traits & Behaviors, Leadership & Culture, Adaptive Leadership, Team Building, and Military Operations in Urban Terrain; conducts Military Operations in Urban Training training at Selby MOUT site, Combat Water Survival Training, and Familiarization with U.S. Weapons.

Countering Transnational Threats
(60 Students) studies the Field Studies Program &o; Democracy, Human Rights Awareness, Risk Management, and Developing a Physical Fitness Program; conducts Combat Water Survival Training.