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14th Anniversary Celebration

WHINSEC celebrated completion of 14 years of service in the institute's auditorium Jan 15. More than 200 people, including leaders from all the MCoE units and local supporters, watched a video of the Institute from its inaugural ceremony in 2001 in Ridgway Hall to recent activities on its new campus along Baltzell Avenue. Col (Ret) Richard D. Downie, the institute's first commandant (2001-2004), was the featured speaker.
WHINSEC Board of Visitors Meets
The WHINSEC Board of Visitors, a federal advisory committee that oversees Institute operations, met Fri, Nov 21. Commandant Col. Keith W. Anthony presented an update on the year's activities, and members representing USNORTHCOM, USSOUTHCOM, and the Department of State discussed WHINSEC's roles and contributions to their organizations. Several citizens attended the open meeting, with two of them addressing the board with concerns and issues.
Partnering to Build Leaders

WHINSEC and MCoE partnered to bring in the Adaptive Soldier/Leader Training and Education (ASLTE) Mobile Training Team from the Army's Asymmetric Warfare Group, at Fort Meade, MD, recently to conduct the final stage of training to implement the Army Learning Method 2015. Nineteen WHINSEC training developers, including two partner nation instructors from Jamaica and Belize, joined thirteen MCoE soldiers and civilians at the Institute for the training.
Leadership Development begins with Cadets
WHINSEC conducts six to eight Cadet Leadership Development Courses per year, giving students a taste of U.S. Army life and equipment while they work on leadership skills. The Summer iterations of the course always include U.S. ROTC and West Point Cadets to begin learning a little Spanish, experience other cultures, and start friendships that may extend for life.
Border Patrol Leaders Review WHINSEC Courses
Four leaders of the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC), a part of the Border Patrol's Special Operations Group, visited WHINSEC, Jul 21-22, to learn about the Institute and its courses. BORTAC is a "highly trained and specially equipped tactical unit for specialized rapid response or deliberate deployments to law enforcement situations and intelligence based threats requiring special tactics. in defense of our national security." The team also has a training responsibility, so its visit to the Institute focused on courses that may support BORTAC's own training tasks.
TRADOC CG visits WHINSEC Captains
During a visit to MCoE, Gen. David Perkins stopped in to view an Institute Maneuver Captains Career Course class. These classes, taught in Spanish, are the same as are taught in the neighboring classrooms in Maginnis-Wickam Hall, and include U.S. Army captains along with Partner-Nation officers from around the region. WHINSEC offers one course per year, always with 9-10 U.S. and 20 Partner-nation students.

Week of Apr 27-May 1, 2015
Eight courses in session, 351 students from 15 countries.

Command & General Staff Officer Course
(65 students) offers the following electives: Operations Management, Military Decision-making Process, Latin American Strategic Studies and Understanding Terrorism; MMAS candidates defend theses.

Senior Enlisted Advisor Course
(13 students) studies Enabling Operations, Psychological Operations, General Overview of Terrorism, Information Operations: conducts an Operations Final Exam and graduates on Wednesday, May 29.

Medical Assistance Course
(21 students) conducts Dismounted Patrol Lanes, Combat Casualty Assessment lane, and an End-of-course survey before graduating on Thursday, Apr 30.

Civil Affairs Operations Course
(26 students) studies Populace and Resource control, Dislocated Civilian Operations, Foreign Humanitarian Assistance, Civil Information Management, National Assistance, Support to Civil Administration, Assessments, Unified Action partners, Media Support to CMO, Intro to Planning, Measures of Effectiveness and Performance, Project Planning and Coordination, Project Management, and Understanding the Environment.

Maneuver Captains Career Course-WHINSEC
(32 students) studies The Operations Order, Troop-Leading Procedures, Military Decision-making Process and applying Moral Processes; familiarize with the Engagement Skills Trainer 2000 and the Force 21 simulation.

Cadet Leadership Development Course
(150 students) conducts M16A2 Mechanical Training, Weapon Familiarization, Troop Leading Procedures, Fundamentals of marksmanship, M16 Qualification range, A Cultural Awareness tour, Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain training and do skill training in the Close Combat Tactical Trainer.

International Operational Law Course
(28 students) trains on Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Armed Forces and Democracy, the Basic Principles of International Human Rights Law & International Humanitarian Law, The Rule of Law, and Advanced Human Rights Principles.

Defense Resource Management & Logistics Course
(16 students) conducts training on Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Introduction to DRML, Armed Forces and Democracy, Democracy and Human Rights, Budget Systems Design, Scope of Strategic Logistics Policy, Foundation of Foreign Circles of Power, Acquisition Planning/Equipment Life Cycle Model, and Budgeting for Personnel & Training.

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