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Week of Aug 22-26, 2016
Seven courses in session, 334 students from twenty-one countries.

**Four courses: NCOPD & NCOPD-E, Civil Affairs Operations, and UN Peacekeeping Operations graduate Thursday, Aug 25**

Command & General Staff Officer Course
(66 students) studies Ethical Duties, Organizational Leadership, and Armed Forces in a Democracy; conducts Command Post of the Future (CPoF) exercise in the Battle Simulation Center, and a Field Studies Program trip to the "Little White House," Warm Springs, GA.

Maneuver Captains Career Course-WHINSEC
(32 students) conducts a week-long Field Training Exercise (FTX) in Fort Benning training areas.

NCO Professional Development Course
(41 students) and NCO Professional Development-English Course (10 students) conduct final evaluations, graduate Thursday.

Civil Affairs Operations Course
(14 students) conducts Evaluated Culmination Scenario student presentations, graduates Thursday.

UN Peacekeeping Operations Course
(15 students) conducts a three-day Contemporary PKO Seminar, graduates Thursday.

Cadet Leadership Development Course 5-16
(156 students) studies the Operational Environment, Troop Leading Procedures and Democracy & Human Rights; conducts Marksmanship training: Zeroing, Qualification and Reflexive Fire.