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Week of Apr 24-28, 2017
173 Students from 15 countries.

**”No Boundaries III” Combined Graduation of the Countering Transnational Threats, Senior Enlisted Advisor, Civil Affairs Operations, and International Operational Law courses, Thur, Apr 27, at the Institute.**

*Medical Assistance Course 2-17 begins Tuesday.*

Command & General Staff Officer Course
(66 students) prepares the classrooms for Elective classes and conducts a Counter-Insurgency Seminar led by Troy University.

Countering Transnational Threats Course
(60 students) conducts out-processing procedures, an End-of-Course Survey and graduates on Thursday.

Senior Enlisted Advisor Course
(6 students) ) hears a guest speaker on Leadership, conducts an End-of-Course Survey, a Cresting Ceremony, and graduates on Thursday.

Civil Affairs Operations Course
(21 students) conducts Evaluated Group Presentations, a Course Evaluation, End-of-Course Survey, Cresting Ceremony, and graduates on Thursday.

International Operational Law Course
(20 students) studies Rules of Engagement, conducts an End-of-Course Survey and Student Presentations, and graduates on Thursday.