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Week of Oct 17-21, 2016
Seven courses in session, 321 students from 14 countries.

Command & General Staff Officer Course
(66 students) studies Mission Command: The Science of Control; Training Management; Information Operations; Decisive Action: Homeland Defense; World War I: Emergence of Combined Arms; Mission Analysis; and Operational Support.

Maneuver Captains Career Course-WHINSEC
(32 students) studies Stability Operations, Final Phases of Battalion Operations; visits the National Infantry Museum; and conducts a Physical Fitness Test.

Countering Transnational Threats Course 2-16
(40 students) studies Urban Breaching, Mechanical & Ballistic Effects; Troop-Leading Procedures; Plans, Orders and Attachments; conducting Vehicle and Personnel Searches; and Individual Team Skills.

NCO Professional Development Course 2-16
(42 students) studies Troop-Leading Procedures and the Military Decision-Making Process at Company and personal levels; Combat Reports; Platoon Movement, Formations and Techniques; Tactical Site Exploitation; and conduct training in the Treatment and Evacuation of the Dead and Wounded.

Intelligence Analysis of Transnational Operations Course
(28 Students) conducts Operational Environment Team Briefs; Country Threat Briefs; Terrain Analysis; Weather Analysis; Effects of the Operational Environment on Friendly & Enemy Forces; studies Tactical Intelligence Packages; and Threat Composition & Capabilities.

Small Unit Leader Course
(16 students) studies the Effects of Culture, Ethical Problem-Solving, Military Justice and Discipline, Resilience, Suicide Prevention for Junior Leaders, NCO Education System improvements and Training Management; conducts a Field Studies Program Trip to Atlanta.

Cadet Leadership Development Course
(97 students) in-Processes, Draws field equipment, and receives Briefing on Prevention of Sexual Harassment & Rape; studies The Army Leader, Leadership and Culture, Adaptive Leadership, the Profession of Arms, Armed Forces and Democracy, and Urban Operations; also conducts the Leader Reaction Course and Bolton Confidence Course.