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DOMREP Brindis

May 21-24, 2018

Five courses in session with 177 students from 14 countries.

Command & General Staff Officer Course
(54 students) graduates on Wednesday, May 23 (see notice above).

Medical Assistance Course 2-18
(32 students) studies Airway Management, Thoracic Trauma, Shock, and Vascular Access.

Transnational Threat Network Intelligence Analysis Course
(30 students) studies Tactical Intel Packages (TIP), Threat Composition & Capabilities, Preparing a Threat Template, Matrix/Link Analysis, and Identifying High Value Targets; conducts student briefings on Environmental Effects on Operations, Country Facts, and on Evaluating Threats.

Maneuver Captains Career Course-WHINSEC
(31 students) studies Engaging Media, Organizational Leadership, Mission Command, Establishing & Exercising Influence, Advising/Counseling Subordinates, Culture Impacts on Military Operations, and Developing Cultural Skills.

Advanced Enlisted Leadership Professional Development Course
(30 students) studies Troop-Leading Procedures; Small Unit Tactics & Operations; Plans, Orders & Annexes; Civil Affairs Operations; Sustainment Operations; and Information Operations.