ARNG Warrior Training Center

  Army National Guard - Warrior Training Center  


ARNG Warrior Training Center Mission

The Army National Guard Warrior Training Center trains and assesses ARNG Soldiers, DoD, and Foreign Military Service Members in individual and collective functional skills to achieve readiness for executing the Army National Guard’s Federal and State missions.

Upcoming National Events at the WTC

The Best Ranger Competition Assessment and Selection to determine the best qualified personnel to represent the National Guard at the David E. Grange Jr. Best Ranger Competition will be held from 17 November through 21 November 2014. For information on competing, contact the WTC S3 office.

Heat Acclimation Guide for Ranger, Airborne, & Other Elite School Students

This heat acclimatization guidance is for elite soldiers who will be attending strenuous advanced military training in hot weather. It provides practical guidance to obtain optimal heat acclimatization to both maximize performance and minimize the risk of becoming a heat casualty.

CLICK HERE to download the Heat Acclimation Guide.