Air Assault Course

Air Assault


Soldiers are trained on the types of missions performed by rotary wing aircraft, aircraft safety, aero-medical evacuation procedures, pathfinder operations, principles and techniques of combat assaults, rappelling techniques, and slingload operations. The core POI requires minimum support assets and is adaptable to organic aviation elements. Both the core instruction and the additional instruction are conducted in a classroom/field environment.

Course overview, packing list, reporting instructions, map to WTC, pre-training guide.

**AF Personnel requesting to attend WTC Air Assault must contact the AF LNO office. At no time will units or personnel go direct with WTC without prior coordination with AF LNO.**

ATRRS Class Dates (ARNG Air Assault Course)

Inprocessing Checklist / WTC Form

Advises of all required documents needed for in processing.

This is where you will find all classes, appendices, and charts, and charts helping you with air assault operations.


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