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Scout Leader Course (SLC)


The Mission of the Scout Leader Course (SLC) is to train Reconnaissance and Security leaders to develop advanced skills of R&S, develop skills to better understand the Commander’s information requirements, to communicate battlefield information, and to develop understanding of employing supporting assets while maneuvering a scout platoon in a combined arms unit.”

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Course Outcome

  • Apply the fundamentals of reconnaissance and security (R&S) while leading a scout platoon
  • Apply leadership skills and self-confidence to solve R&S mission relevant problems
  • Apply the troop leading procedures while planning and executing R&S missions
  • Evaluate the use of terrain by enemy and friendly forces
  • Analyze threat forces and critically apply intelligence preparation of the battlefield (IPB)
  • Understand advanced communications and reporting techniques in an electronically contested environment.
  • Understand the fundamentals of supporting assets within the framework of mission planning and execution
  • Understand capabilities and limitations of R&S formations across BCTs
  • Understand R&S and scout platoon doctrine in FM3-98 and ATP 3-20.98