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Stryker Master Gunner Site

Stryker Master Gunner


Our mission is to train select noncommissioned officers to assist unit leaders in the planning and implementation of Gunnery Training Programs. We produce master Gunner Graduates who can train unit combat vehicle crew in techniques and procedures to engage the full capability of their weapon platforms in precision direct fire engagements, and who can support unit level maintenance on Stryker Variant fire control and weapon systems.

Phase Scope: The Stryker Master Gunner Course is taught in 39 days. The curriculum focuses on the following training areas:

Weapon System Technology: Trains students to perform diagnostic maintenance procedures used to identify, troubleshoot, and repair complex malfunctions at the unit level that occur in the weapon and fire control systems of Stryker Variants: M1126 ICV, M1128 MGS and M1134 ATGM vehicles to develop baseline data used in the analysis of weapons function.

Gunnery Training: Trains the techniques and procedures to fully engage the weapons and fire control systems capabilities under normal and unusual conditions in preparation for precision direct fire engagements. Trains advance gunnery methodology, doctrinal, and technical procedures needed to assess Stryker Variant proficiency in Gate 1: Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise (CALFEX), Gate 2: Section/Platoon Gunnery, and Gate 3: Crew Gunnery. Provides training on identified procedural errors to increase a crew’s ability to operate weapons systems to its designed capabilities.

Gunnery Training Management: In accordance with ADP 7-0 Training Units and Developing Leaders training management principles, trains students how to assess a unit gunnery program and inform the commander of trends in strengths and weaknesses. Develops an effective gunnery training plan to sustain and improve crew/maneuver elements based on their Commander’s intent and guidance. Develops a Gunnery Program that provides supervised decentralized training to include, but not limited to, key collective tasks, Warfighting Skills, preliminary gunnery training, and integration of Training Aids, Devices, Simulations and Simulators (TADSS), individual and crewserved weapon training/qualification and ammunition forecasting/ management.

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