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Welcome to the Personnel Automation Branch (PAB). PAB handles the management of and access to eMILPO (Electronic Military Personnel Office), the proponent for Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A) and is the point of contact for military personnel accountability for Ft. Benning. They are responsible for installation access to the Enterprise Datastore application as well as monitoring absent without leave (AWOL) situations and forwards dropped from rolls (DFR) packets for the installation with the exception of TF 1-28 IN Bn, 2d Bde, 3ID. PAB is the point of contact for Personnel Asset Inventories (PAIs). Within PAB also is a mobilization (MOB) section that is responsible for all reserve and guard federalizations for contingency operations. This MPD office also handles all automation hardware and software equipment and issues for the G1.


Execute the delivery of military personnel service support to Soldiers, their Families, Retirees, DA Civilians and Government Contractors assigned or attached to the Maneuver Center of Excellence. These services include ID Card/DEERS Updates, In/Out Processing, Enlisted and Officer Records, Awards, Soldier Actions, Promotions, Casualty Assistance, Retirement Services, Separations, Soldier Readiness Processing, Enlisted Strength Management, Human Capital, Reassignment Processing, Sponsorship, Trainee & Student Management, and Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program. Our goal is to ensure every customer received the highest standards of excellence and customer service during their visit to the Military Personnel Division.


Excel in customer service, teamwork, operational performance, innovation, and inspired leadership!

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In order to gain access to eMILPO, go to and select "User Registration".Complete the form and email it to or hand deliver to Bldg 35, Room 200, Ridgway Hall or fax it to 706-545-7171.

In order to gain access to the Enterprise Datastore, go to and select "User Registration". Complete the form, indicating on the form or in the body of your email text that the request is for the Datastore. Hand deliver the form to Bldg 35, Room 200, Ridgway Hall, fax to (706) 545-7171.

If experiencing issues with eMILPO, contact your Command Analyst. If you do not know who your Analyst is, please call 706-545-1570 or 3360 for assistance.

To get assistance in constructing a PAI, contact 706-545-3360.