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All personnel who are requesting unescorted access to Fort Benning and not in possession of a DOD ID card, Federal PIV or an installation AIE pass/AIE card will undergo a National Crime Information Center Interstate Identification Index (NCIC-III) background check. This check involves verifying the individual's identity and checking their criminal history against the Army Fitness Adjudication Standards. Those with derogatory information related to the Army Fitness Adjudication Standards will be denied unescorted access to the installation.

Be aware that all individuals 18 years and older in the vehicle are required to have a background check and pass before being allowed unescorted access to the installation.

Pass Request at Visitor Control Centers: To request an access pass to post, you can go to one of two Visitor Control Centers.

  1. The Lindsey Creek Visitor Control Center (VCC) is open 24 hours a day to include holidays.
  2. The Contractor Visitor Control Center (CVCC) is located on 8th Division Road in Harmony Church and is open Monday to Friday 6 am to 2 pm. The CVCC is closed nights, weekends and holidays.

If you go to one of the Visitor Control Centers, the process will take approximately 5-8 minutes per person, so please allow for extra time when making travel plans.

By requesting a pass, you are agreeing to a background check, which uses the National Crime Information Center Interstate Identification Index (NCIC-III), a Federal Bureau of Investigation database that provides criminal histories from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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