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Infantry Basic Officer Leader Course Site

Infantry Basic Officer Leader Course


Directions to 2-11th Infantry Regiment Headquarters: Whether entering Fort Benning on Benning Road or I-185 south, you will come to an access control point. The security guard on duty can provide a map, directions, and assistance. The security guards will check your ID cards as you pass through the access control point. If you are on I-185, Custer Road is the first exit past the access control point (expired or inaccurate ID cards are confiscated at the gate). Take this exit and turn right. Continue for approximately 2-1/2 miles and turn left on Benning Road. Take the first right on 10th Division Road and then turn left on Edwards St. while climbing the hill. Turn right at the light on Vibbert Avenue. The Battalion Building will be the second on the right. If you become lost, stop and call the 2d Battalion, 11th Infantry Regiment at (706) 545-8177 and ask for assistance. Here are some other numbers to assist you in getting situated.

Service Phone Number Building
Family Housing 706-545-3921 / 706-545-6610 6
Guest House 706-689-0067 96
Clothing and Sales 706-689-7981 9220
Day Care Center/ Tot Town 706-689-8698 / 706-689-8772 1051
ACS Loan Closet 706-545-0403 / 706-545-4485 7
Thrift Shop 706-687-4830 229
Transportation (inbound) 706-545-4885 6
Post Information 706-545-2011  
Post Locator 706-545-5217  

For travel by commercial airlines or bus, Fort Benning has Military Welcome Stations located in each terminal. The Soldier on duty can provide necessary maps and information. If there is no one on duty, call the battalion staff duty phone number listed above. Military transportation is not available from these terminals. Keep your receipts for all transportation used as they need to be attached to the travel voucher for reimbursement during in processing.

New students will report to 2d Battalion, 11th Infantry Regiment Headquarters (Building 260) and check in with the Staff Duty Officer (SDO) (open 24 hours a day). The SDO will sign students in off leave and provide a unit standards book, Day 1 instructions, and PTDY instructions. Confirm your Company in-processing information with the SDO. Students are responsible for the following prior to class: Army Combat Uniform (ACU), Army Physical Fitness Uniform (APFU) and Army Service Uniform (ASU). Students will wear the Infantry School Patch. These patches can be purchased or ordered from the Military Clothing and Sales Store located in the PX Mall on Marne Road. Additionally, students are NOT authorized to wear the Infantry Blue Cord until completion of IBOLC and all active duty officers must wear the 11th Infantry Regiment Crest - also available at Clothing Sales. Lastly, do not purchase TA-50 items. Students are issued TA-50 through the Central Issuing Facility (CIF) at Fort Benning during your first week of the course.

Students will wear the Black Army Beret with ASUs. The Patrol Cap will be worn with ACUs in the garrison environment.

If students are under orders that authorize early reporting and choose to report to 2nd Battalion, 11th Infantry before your class date, you will be assigned to HHC until you begin IBOLC.

Early reporting, when authorized, is not required but it is encouraged to allow students to complete some in-processing tasks ahead of schedule, acclimatize to weather and conditions in Fort Benning and to take care of housing.