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Incoming Pathfinder Student Information

  1. Travel, lodging, meals, and transportation
    1. Course Reservation. Arriving Pathfinder students must have a valid reservation in ATRRS to enter this course. Students without a valid reservation in ATRRS are not authorized for entry into the course and will be instructed to return to their parent unit. Students stationed at Fort Benning who are listed in ATRRS as "WAIT" are authorized to enter the course in place of a Soldier with a valid ATRRS reservation who does not show up (i.e. no-show). Soldiers stationed outside of Fort Benning and are listed as WAIT in ATRRS are not authorized to travel to Fort Benning for the sole purpose of attending this course and are not covered by the Army for any expense.
    2. Order Issuing Officials will not authorize travel unless the Soldier has a confirmed ATRRS reservation.
    3. Lodging. Pathfinder students with valid ATRRS reservations are covered by the Privatization of Army Lodging (PAL) program. Lodging is not available through the US Army Pathfinder School. Reservations are made for students with a valid ATRRS reservation through the MCoE G3, students are not authorized to make their own lodging reservations. Students will report to Abrams Hall (Holiday Inn Express), building 1670, 7350 Ingersoll Road for room assignments, NET the class report date. Overseas students are covered by PAL from one day before ATRRS report date, to one day after graduation date.
    4. Meals. Students with valid ATRRS reservations will eat at installation dining facilities at no cost to the Soldier for the duration of the course. Students must ensure the Meal Entitlement Code (MEC) is placed on their CAC at home station and covers 3 meals per day, 7 days per week for the duration of the course.
    5. Transportation. Sending units are encouraged to fund a small rental car or POV travel.
    6. This course is three weeks long. If a Federal Holiday falls within the course dates it will be observed. If there is a Federal Holiday during a course, ATRRS automatically pushes the End Date to Monday of week four. Please note that graduation (End Date) will ALWAYS be the last non-holiday day of week THREE.
  2. Reporting Requirements
    1. Students scheduled to attend Pathfinder training must report to Building 2768 NLT 0630 hours on their designated START date (typically a Monday). Students failing to arrive on time will NOT be authorized to enter the course. Map for Inprocessing
    2. Students must have a current APFT Score Card (within the past six months).
    3. Students must report with a complete Packing List (Packing List). A packing list inspection will be conducted during in-processing. Students failing to arrive with their packing list will NOT be authorized to enter the course.
    4. Students must bring a copy of their physical dated within the last five years. They must have a minimum profile serial of 111121 and have no speech impediment. Physicals for airborne qualified personnel must indicate "cleared to participate in airborne operations."
    5. Students must have a copy of their approved waiver from the Infantry School Commandant on-hand when they report. Failure to produce an approved waiver that is required will result in immediate dismissal from the course
    6. Students must have a copy of their updated ORB/ERB or sister service equivalent on-hand when they report.
    7. An inspection of the items listed above will be conducted at 0630 on the start date. IF ANY OF THE ITEMS ARE MISSING, IT WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE DISENROLLMENT.
  3. Course Prerequisites
    1. All applicants must have passed a valid physical examination within five years, have a minimum profile of 11121, have no speech impediment (all service members must be cleared of speech impediments on their physical exam by conducting a "read out load" test or be cleared by a Speech Pathologist in the form of a memorandum), have passed the APFT within the last six months and meet the Army height and weight standards IAW AR 600-9.
    2. Physicals for airborne qualified personnel must indicate "cleared to participate in airborne operations."
    3. Applicants must have six months of service remaining on active duty upon completion of the course.
    4. Officers: Active Army, Reserve, or National Guard Officers in the grades of O-1 through O-3 assigned to a billet documented with the Skill Identifier (SI) "5Q" indicating a requirement to possess Pathfinder skills in the most recent Personnel Management Authorization Document (PMAD) or Updated Authorization Document (UAD). Officers in the following Control Branches are authorized to attend: IN (AOC 11A), AR (AOC 19A), MI (AOC 35D, 35E, 35F or 35G), QM (AOC 92A only), EN (AOC 12A) and Logistics (90A). All other grades and branches require a waiver.
    5. Enlisted MOS: Active Army, Reserve or National Guard Soldiers in the grades of E-3 through E-7 in the following MOS are authorized to attend: 11B, 11C, (11Z must be assigned to a Pathfinder Billet), 15Q, 19D, 88M, 92R (skill levels 3 and 4 only), and 92Y (skill levels 1 through 3). All other grades and MOSs require a waiver. Enlisted applicants must have a GT score of 110 or above.
    6. Other Services: Active and Reserve Marine Corps Officers in the grades of O-1 through O-3 and enlisted personnel in the grades of E-4 through E-7 in logistics and combat arms may attend. Active and Reserve Air Force enlisted personnel serving as combat control team/forward air controllers in the grades of E-5 thought E-7 may attend.
    7. Foreign Students: This course is releasable to military students from foreign countries on a case by case basis. Foreign countries desiring to place students in this course must meet one or more of the following criteria: (1) Have a signed Letter of Intent (2) Have a waiver from HQDA (3) Have USG release for training. Units sponsoring Foreign Students must ensure they meet all course prerequisites prior to reporting for Pathfinder training.
  4. Waivers
  5. Pathfinder Course Overview:
    1. The course is three weeks long and is comprised of a Nomenclature Exam, Sling Load Written Exam, Sling Load Hands-On Test, Helicopter Landing Zone Test, Drop Zone Written Test and a graded FTX. Click here to see course schedule
    2. Students should study the Sling Load Nomenclature prior to attending the course. The Nomenclature Exam will be on Day 1 of the course.
    3. Students should memorize the Sling load Deficiency Sheet and the Aircraft Limitations prior to attending the course. The Aircraft Limitations can be found at Course Study Guide, pages 11-19.
    4. Students should study the math commonly used in the US Army Pathfinder School
  6. ATTRS Schedule
  7. Graduation Statistics
    1. 2016: Average class started with 57 Students, graduated 33. (59%)
    2. 2017: Average class started with 62 Students, graduated 39. (63%)
    3. 2018: Average class started with 56 Students, graduated 33. (60%)
    4. In 2018 the average class lost Students to the following; 1 Student to Nomenclature Exam, 1 Student to Sling Loads Written Exam, 11 Students to Sling Loads Hands-On Exam, 3 Students to HLZ Written Exam, 7 Students to DZ Written Exam.
  8. Frequently Asked Questions