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Fall 2022 Issue

Commandant's Note

Commandant's Note

Professional Forum

USASC Celebrates 35th Anniversary: A Short History of Army Snipers and the U.S. Army Sniper Course

The Employment and Relevance of the Sniper

The Need for an Advanced Sniper Course

The Retention of Army Snipers

Hiding Within the Spectrum

Reconnaissance and Security Tasks: How Commanders Control the Battlefield with Scouts and Snipers

The Russian Breakthrough Tactical Group

Consolidating Mortars: A Task-Organization Strategy for Utilizing Mortars in LSCO

Trust: A New Formulation of a Fundamental Principle

Re-Energizing Modern Army Combatives

Developing Our Soldiers and Leaders to Outthink, Outmaneuver, and Outfight the Enemy

‘New’ Fundamentals Remain Fundamental: Preparing Leaders and Units in Contested Electromagnetic Environments

Upholding Discipline — Administrative Enlisted Separations

Fly to Supply: Executing Aerial Resupply in an ABCT

Explaining Educational Benefits: A Leader’s Responsibility

Lessons from the Past

A Master Class in Mission Command: LTG Matthew B. Ridgway’s Leadership at Chipyong-ni