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Armor Student Papers

The following student papers consist of personal experiences and research of combat operations and actions, battles and campaigns fought by Armor Soldiers in various wars. The content does not represent an official view or publication only the opinions of the authors who wrote them. For more information contact the Reference Desk at 706-626-8663 or by e-mail at:

Alcorn, James P. MAJ, "82nd Airborne Division in Normandy"

Allen, Richard J. MAJ, "Vertical Envelopment"

Anderson, Charles J. CPT, "Armored Combat Command in Operation River Crossing"

Akroyd, Albert W. CPT, "CCA 10th Armored Division from Trier to Landau"

Baily, Charles M. CPT, "Arracourt: Armor in Defense"

Bale, Edward L. Jr. CPT, "Tank Company with the Regimental Combat Team in an Amphibious Operation"

Bane, Paull A. Jr. MAJ, "2nd Armored Division in Operation Grenade (1945)"

Baltes, Paul CPT, "Hollow Charge in Military Use"

Barrow, Thomas A. CPT, "Breakthrough to Manilla (January 1945)"

Bennett, Robert J. MAJ, "Ten Days of Armored Exploitation (April 1945)"

Berlin, George A. CPT, "Cavalry Dug In"

Bernard, George L. CPT, "Armor in the Defense of the Philippines, 8 December 1941 to 8 January 1942"

Bordley, Marcello W. Jr. CPT, "Tank Support with the 7th Cavalry (1945)" (Personal Experience)

Bowden, Henry C. Jr. CPT, "Scouting and Patrolling"

Boye, F.W. Jr. LTC, "An Infantry Battalion Defends at Anzio"

Boyer, Donald P. Jr. MAJ, "Planning a Limited Objective Attack"

Brant, Robert E. CPT, "An Analysis of the Infantry Tank Situation"

Bray, Edward CPT, "Attack on Fortified Positions"

Bressler, Howard E. CPT, "2nd Armored Division in the Ardennes"

Briggs, Dan P. MAJ, "Operations of the 106th Cavalry Group in the Forest of the Parroy"

Brinson, Arthur CPT, "Battle of Zigzag Pass"

Broadus, Wendell M. MAJ, "15th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron in the Ardennes Offensive, 16 December 1944 to 1 January 1945"

Browne, Laurence S. CPT, "Airborne Operation on Corregidor"

Burke, Thomas W. 1LT, "Technique of the Tank Platoon as the Point in an Exploitation"

Butler, James J. CPT, "Individual Tank-Infantry Communications"

Campbell, William R. MAJ, "Tanks with Infantry"

Carey, Merle L. MAJ, "Organizations and Operations, United States Constabulary"

Cassedy, William P. CPT, "A Team of Combined Arms Operating Under Conditions of Extreme Cold"

Cavender, James W. CPT, "Skyline Ridge, 9 April-13 May1945"

Committee 1: Balthis, J.L. MAJ; Showronek, P.G. MAJ; Crayton, R.B. MAJ; Johnson, L.H. MAJ; Donaldson, T.Q. CPT; Johnson, D.L. CPT; Hyde, W.J. CPT; Woodson, W.T. Jr. 1LT, "Armor on Okinawa"

Committee 2: Faulkner, Brock H. MAJ; Rankin, Alex J. MAJ; Richards, Grover C. Jr. MAJ; Robinson, John Scott MAJ; Holbrecht, Alford P. CPT; Wessmiller, John J. CPT; Unger, William T. 1LT (USMC), "American Armor at Anzio"

Committee 3 Officers' Advanced Course 1948-1949: Dressler, William E. MAJ; Hopkins, John W. MAJ; Palmer, Leslie F. MAJ; Andrew George S. Jr. CPT; Ferguson, Allen E. CPT; Peyton, James W. Jr. CPT; Walker, Harold S. Jr. CPT, "2nd and 3rd Armored Divisions in the Ardennes Campaign, 16 December 1944 to 16 January 1945"

Committee 3 Officer Advanced Course 1949-1950: Pillsbury, Glenn T. LTC; Russell, Peter T. MAJ; Arntz, John P. MAJ; Curtiss, Worth M. MAJ; Daniel, Roy E. MAJ; Bird, Robert J. MAJ; Harper, Earl L. CPT; Treadwell, Jack L. CPT; and Brier, John K. CPT., "Employment of 2nd Armored Division in Operation Cobra, 25 July-1 August 1944, A Research Report, May 1950"

Committee 4: Sullers, Robert R. LTC; Hawksworth, Frederick W. MAJ; Turner, Ian F. MAJ; Heard, Clovis D. CPT; Cutler, Elliott Jr. CPT; Kolb, James T. CPT; Gist, William W. III 1LT, "Armor at Bastogne"

Committee 5: Cannon, Linden K. Jr. MAJ; Fraser, Alexander G. Jr. MAJ; Jones, Thomas S. MAJ; Saffold, Eugene MAJ; Foster, David E. CPT, McLanaghan, James D. CPT; Machnicke, Max R. CPT, "Hell on Wheels in the Drive to the Roer: The employment of the 2nd Armored Division in a limited objective attack"

Committee 6: Barnum, John M. MAJ; Omenhiser, John T. Jr. MAJ; Wikoff, William H. MAJ; Burke, James T. CPT; Gibb, Harry E. CPT; Murdock, Richard G. CPT; Parrish, Charles P. CPT, "Hell on Wheels: Armored Division in the Double Envelopment, 2nd Armored Division in the Mortain Counterattack: A Research Report, May 1949"

Committee 7: Clark, Carey A. LTC; Gaustad, John M. MAJ; Sheffey, John P. MAJ; Jacobs; St. John, Adrian CPT; Dwan, Robert D. CPT; Reberry, Gerald V. CPT, "Armor in the Hurtgen Forest"

Committee 8: Chapman, Raymond T. MAJ; Blake, William L. MAJ; Markey, Edward W. MAJ; Johnson, Lester B. MAJ; Barclay, John R. CPT; Mitchell, John R. CPT; Boyles, Wilson N. CPT; Healy, Richard D. CPT, "Armor in Operation Forager", May 1949

Committee 9: McElhenny, William S. LTC; Beard, William D. MAJ; Bruneau, Alfred W. MAJ; Fleming, David D. MAJ; Nawn, Leo J. Jr., MAJ; Burke, William A. CPT; Ferrari, Robert S. CPT; Kelly, Francis J. CPT; Cleveland, John H. 1LT, "Armor on Luzon: Comparison of employment of Armored units in the 1941-42 and 1944-45 Luzon Campaigns: A Research Report, May 1950"

Committee 11: Ludwikosky, John P. LTC; Eckert, George L. MAJ; Erspamer, Florian J. MAJ; Mason, Kermit R. MAJ; Shaver, Robert T. MAJ; Monson, Nelson P. CPT; Spears, John H. CPT; and Wein, Joseph C. CPT, "735th Tank Battalion in the reduction of Metz: A Research Report, May 1950"

Committee 11: Thompson, Milton R. CPT; Hardy, Harry B. CPT; Horne, Kibbey M. CPT; Koch, Kenneth W. CPT; and Matteson, Jack F. 1LT, "Employment of Armor in Korea - The First Year, Vol. 1, A Research Report, May 1952"

Committee 11: Thompson, Milton R. CPT; Hardy, Harry B. CPT; Horne, Kibbey M. CPT; Koch, Kenneth W. CPT; and Matteson, Jack F. 1LT, "Employment of Armor in Korea - The First Year, Vol. 2, A Research Report, May 1952"

Committee 12: Nash, William L. LTC; Chambers, John H. MAJ; Green, Duff MAJ; Sergent, Byrd MAJ; Lee, James H. MAJ; Clark, James T. CPT; Sullivan, Lloyd S. CPT; Bibby, William L. CPT; and Von Burg, Robert H. CPT, "Armor in Operation Grenade (2nd Armored Division): A Research Report, May 1950"

Committee 15: Way, Roy R. MAJ; Clark, John L. Jr. MAJ; Carraway, Joseph G. Jr. CPT; Barnard, Donald E. CPT; and Good, Robert E. CPT, "Infrared for Armor: A Research Report, April 1953"

Committee 17: Vaughan, Curry N. MAJ; Neiman, Robert E. Jr. MAJ; Fenili, Vasco J. MAJ; Reagor, Elmer C. MAJ; Mullen, John M. MAJ; McQuain, Gordon E. CPT; and Jensen, Melvin M. CPT, "Mud, Mountains, and Armor: 1st Armored Division from Rome to the Alps: A Research Report, June 1949"

Committee 17: Tannler, Thomas K. MAJ; Boone, Daniel H. CPT; Gerrity, John L. CPT; Norwood, Leonard L. Jr., CPT; and Morrison, James L. Jr., 1LT, "A Critical Analysis of the History of Armor in World War II: A Research Report, April 1953"

Committee 17: Thursby, Reed A. CPT; Bass, Roy M. Jr. CPT; Jenks, Leverett N. CPT; Gregg, John B. 1LT; and Kirk, Robert J. 1LT, "Maintenance Tank Company Infantry Regiment: A Research Report, April 1952"

Committee 20: Sipes, Kennth L. LTC; Wilderman, Jordan J. MAJ; Walker, Marion W. MAJ; Gurfein, Joseph I. MAJ; Irving, Richard R. MAJ; Dunn, George R. MAJ; McNamara, Harry Jr. CPT; Ipolito, Charles J. CPT; and Martin, Robert T. 1LT, "Armor in Island Warfare: Who, What, and Where in the Pacific: A Research Report, May 1950"

Committee 21: Jewett, Leonard G. MAJ; Peters, Gustov W. MAJ; Butsch, Thoams C. MAJ; Schell, Rieder W. MAJ; Isaacson, Donald F. MAJ; Nelson, Alex N. MAJ; Freed, Cleo S. CPT; Shaw, Charles R. CPT; and Hokenson, Charles K. CPT, "Armor in the Night Attack: A Research Report, June 1950"

Committee 22: Brubaker, Elbridge MAJ; Thurmond, Maxwell B. MAJ; Potts, William E. MAJ; Henne, Charles A. MAJ; Plummer, Roosevelt T. MAJ: Watson, John R. MAJ; Dean, Philip F. CPT; and Kirk, Leonard M. CPT, "Armor in River Crossings: A Research Report, March 1950"

Committee 32: Drake Robert E. CPT; Wheeler, Percy L. CPT; Webb, George S. Jr. CPT; and Parker, John F. CPT, "A Tanker's Uniform for a Tanker's Duties: A Research Report, April 1952"

Committee 33: Kennedy, Arthur H. MAJ; Baker, Dallas O. CPT; Koch, Harlan G. CPT; Miller, George L. CPT; and Wallis, Matthew R. CPT, "Armor in the Night Attack: A Research Report, April 1952"

Committee 35: Shields, Harry H. CPT; Andrews, James L. CPT; Cook, Carroll M. Jr.; Davis, Loren E. CPT; and Fisher, Kenneth W. CPT, "Employment of Armor in Korea, the second year: A Research Report, April 1953"

Cooke, Thomas J. CPT, "Coordination with Artillery with the Tank Infantry Team"

Cowles, Donald H. MAJ, A Reconnaissance Troop in Attack

Creamer, Forrest W. MAJ, "Operations of the XIX U.S. Army Corps in Normandy: Employment of Armor and Infantry (Normandy, France)"

Daubin, Freeland A. Jr. CPT, "Battle of Happy Valley"

Davis, Art H. Jr. MAJ, "An Infantry Regiment in the Attack - Jungle Terrain"

Davis, Harry J. MAJ, "Through the Vosages to Strasbourg"

DeConde, Gerard S. CPT (French Army), "The French Armored Forces of the First French Army in E.T.O."

DeSpain, L.A. CPT, "The Development and Employment of the Landing Vehicle Tracked"

Dix, Jewett A. MAJ, "81st Reconnaissance Battalion on Anzio Beachhead"

Dooley, Thomas J. MAJ, "First United States Tank Action in World War II"

Dudley, Robert L. 1LT, "A Problem in Morale"

Eberhart, L.M. 1LT, "Logistics in the Korean War"

Field, Eugene J. MAJ, "Role Cavalry Group in Combat (4th Cavalry Group, Normandy Campaign)"

Folsom, Charles D. CPT, "Hedgegrow Fighting near Carentan"

Foote, Glen L. MAJ, "Organization of the Armored Division for Exploitation"

Foster, Randolph V. MAJ, "Armor in Jungle Operations"

Frazier, Douglas P. LTC, "60-MM Mortar Platoon"

Gann, Tom H. CPT, "Crosscountry Mobility of the M-60 Tank"

Garay, Stephen L. MAJ, "Breach of Intramuros - The Assault and Capture of the Medieval Walled City of Manilla"

Goodrich, Merle L. MAJ, "Armored Division in Exploitation"

Grant, Emerson W. MAJ, "If You Can't Avoid a Reef - The Origin of An Amphibious Tractor Battalion"

Green, Frederick C. MAJ, "Tank Warfare in the Libyan Desert, July-December 1941"

Greene, Michael J.L. MAJ, "Contact at Houffalize, Belgium - contact of the 1st and 3rd Armies"

Greenwood, Walter Jr. MAJ, "Tank Battalion Headquarters in Combat"

Guirau, Rafael G. CPT, "The U.S. Army Special Forces"

Hamel, George F. CPT, "10th Armored Division in the Crailsheim Operation, 5-10 April 1945"

Harper, Armstead R. MAJ, "Surprise in the Attack"

Harris, William J. MAJ, "Reorganization of Airborne Units"

Hastings, Henry S. MAJ, "Employment of Armored Infantry"

Henderson, Herbert Jr. CPT, "Operation of Armored in the Pacific Area"

Hooker, Howard C. MAJ, "Amphibian Tank Battalion of Saipan"

Houghton, Russell CPT, "Amphibian Tractor Battalion"

Howard, Thomas MAJ, "Mobile Division of 1950-1960"

Hunt, Milton T. MAJ, "Use of the Armor in Luzon"

Hurley, Emerson F. MAJ, "Tank-Infantry Teamwork at its Peak in the Armored Division"

Jarvis, Joseph W. CPT, "Supply Procedure During Combat (Tank Battalion)"

Jesse, W.C. LTC, "TAC R (Tactical Reconnaissance)"

Jogl, Joseph W. MAJ, "Armored Division Military Police"

Karnosky, Benedict A. MAJ, "Medium Artillery in the Jungle - Direct Support"

Keasey, Charles R. LTC, "An Engineer’s Report of the Roer River Crossing at Linnich, Germany"

Keiser, Carl P. MAJ, "What Vehicle Should Replace the M8 Armored Car in the Mechanized Cavalry Squadron?"

Kennedy, J.C. MAJ, "Planning the Amphibious Operations"

Kuzell, Ralph E. MAJ, "Command and Communication"

Landis, Albert B. CPT, "Night Attacks: The effect in World War II"

Landgraf, William H. CPT, "Task Force South"

Lang, Ralph W. MAJ, "Tank Destroyers"

Langston, Joe V. MAJ, "Armor in the Attack"

Lerner, Jack L. CPT, "Displacement of a Corps Command Post"

Littleton, Augustine B. CPT, "Some Communications Problems of a Reconnaissance Troop"

Long, Herbert S. MAJ, "Tank Battalion in Operation "Cobra": The 2nd Battalion, 66th Armored Regiment, 2nd Armored Division, in the historic St. Lo Breakthrough, July 1944"

MacDonald, Robert J. MAJ, "Another Von Rundstedt Blunder – Bastogne"

Marcy, Roy W. LTC, "River Warfare"

Marriott, Woodrow W. CPT, "Aleutian Campaign"

Mendoza, R.A. CPT, "Air Support for Guerrillas on Northern Luzon"

Merritt, Bruce MAJ, "Participation of a Squadron Heavy Weapons Troop on a Mission of Reconnaissance in Force, 2nd Squadron, 5th Cavalry in the Admiralty Islands, 29 February-2 March 1944"

Meyer, Keith CPT, "Fully Tracked Armored Division"

Mierau, Michael CPT, "Mission Vietnam"

Moore, Robert F. CPT, "Employment of Tanks in Mountain Operations"

Moran, Richard C. MAJ, "Communication in a Combat Command"

Muller, F.M. LTC, "Combat Leading of the 2nd Armored Division for Amphibious Operations, 1942-1944: Invasion of Morocco, Sicily and Normandy"

Murch, G.E. MAJ, "Supply of the Tank Battalion (H) Organic in the Infantry Division"

Neill, Dennis W. CPT, "A Tank Company on Okinawa - Company A, 711th Tank Battalion in the Okinawa Campaign"

Nichols, John L. CPT, "Jungle Tactics"

Niland, William H. MAJ, "Air Drop Supply of A Long Range Penetration Unit"

Norman, Brooks O. MAJ, "Mechanized Reconnaissance from D-Day to St. Lo"

Olsen, Charles I. CPT, "A Concept of Antiaircraft Artillery Defense Against Multiple Airplane Attacks"

Pace, Talton E. CPT, "Perfect Warrior"

Peters, Kenneth A. CPT, "Combat Command R, 5th Armored Division in the Hurtgen Forest"

Pitts, George T. Jr. LTC, "Perimeter Defense in Jungle Warfare"

Price, Francis K. Jr. CPT, "Are You Really a Commander?"

Preer, Carlton Jr. MAJ, "Should Tanks Replace Armored Artillery"

Queenin, Hugh F. 1LT, "Infantry Battalion, Attack of a River Line"

Rawlings, William W. Jr. MAJ, "7th Armored Division in Defense of a Canal Line"

Reppa, Robert B. CPT, "The Raid on Hammelburg"

Scannon, Anthony J CPT, "The Capture of Trier""

Sears, Frank S. 1LT, "Supply Operations in Combat"

Seignious, George M. II MAJ, "After Dark"

Sorensen, Martin O. CPT, "Advance Guard"

Spurr, Jerome L. LTC, "Development of Heavy Floating Bridges"

Stark, Norvell R. MAJ, "Supply Problems of the Leyte Campaign"

Stilphen, Leroy L. Jr. LT, "Mobilization os 2nd Medium Tank Battalion 20th Armor Maine National Guard"

Stone, W.D. CPT, "Tank Employment-Marine Corps"

Talbotth, Charlie Y. LTC, "Night Operations: Reinforced Infantry Battalion"

Wardlow, Ralph C. MAJ, "First (1st) Armored Division breakthrough at Anzio"

Wear, James H. MAJ, "The Reconnaissance Raid on Fais Island"

Westervelt, Daniel E. MAJ, "Armored Group in an Amphibious Operation"

West, H.L. CPT, "The Fight at Saar-Lautern and the Subsequent Breaching of the Siegfried Line"

Wheelock, John G. III MAJ, "Report of Test and Study of Military Characteristics for Gun, Machine, Combat Vehicle, Caliber .30"

Womack, Carl D. LTC, "Tanks in Support of Infantry in Island Warfare"

Wu, Shih Woh, 2LT (Chinese Army), "History Organization of the Armored School and Chinese Military Academy"

Young, Hugh F. MAJ, "Reinforced Armored Infantry Team in the Attack of a Town"

Young, Robert W. CPT, "Armored Support of Infantry"

Zargar, Glenn W. MAJ, "Defense of Little Switzerland"