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Student Papers Covering 1900 Forward

This collection of historical, tactical and research studies and student papers covers events from 1900 forward. The content does not represent an official view or publication only the opinions of the authors who wrote them.


Student Essay: "A Self-Directed Officer Study Program" by LTC Paul K. Van Riper, USMC, 19 April 1982. Posted on Web site with special permission by the U.S. Army Military History Institute.

Adams, Andrew J. 1LT, "Signal Communication Agencies and Methods within the Infantry of Foreign Armies (exclusive of tanks)

Adams, E.F. CPT, "Historical Tactical Study: The War in the Chaco 1932-1935, a study of maneuver and supply"

Allison, James K. CPT, "Destruction of Underground Tunnels and Positions"

Beckner, David A. CPT, "Defensive Action in Inhabited Localities. (Examples: 112th Infantry, Schmidt, November 1944; 359th Infantry, St. Leonard, France, August 1944; 395th Infantry, Hofen, Germany, December 1944)"

Brandenburg, John F. MAJ, "Commander's Estimate - Consideration Thereon. (Examples: 2nd and 5th Ranger Battalions, Pointe du Hoe, France, 6 June 1944)"

Callaghan, John W. CPT, "Utilization of Difficult Terrain in the Unit Training Phase (Examples: 57th Infantry, Bataan, Feb 1942; 17th Infantry, Attu, Apr 1943; 9th Infantry and 34th Infantry, Naktong, R, 1950)"

Delk, Lucious E. CPT, "Los Banos Raid, 23 February 1945: A reinforcement of current raiding doctrine (Research)"

DeVane, William L. CPT, "The Successful Reduction of a Fortified Position is Dependent Upon Detailed Planning and Intensive Training of Assault Elements"

Doleman, Edgar C. 1LT, "Platoon in attack: Leadership (part 2) - a. Cannae; b. 4th Company, 38th German Infantry forges on March 6, 1916"

Eno, Russell A. CPT, "River Crossing Offensive Doctrine"

Eskew, Michael P. CPT, "Operations of the 5th Battalion, 31st Infantry, 197th Infantry Brigade, in a Civil Disturbance Operation During the Period 5 April 1968 to 12 April 1968 in the City of Baltimore, Maryland"

Evans, Richard A. CPT, "Significance of Tactics Used by the Israelis and Egyptians Between 5 and 10 June 1967 During the 6-Day War (Research)"

Evans, Thomas B. 1LT, "Military Codes and Ciphers: their development and use"

Freeman, William CPT, "Brownsville Affray, August 13-November 26, 1906 (research)"

Gibbons, Benjamin F. CPT, "Defensive Action in Mountainous Terrain"

Grant, Lawrence M. Jr. CPT, "Optimum Organization of the Rifle Squad"

Green, Calvin E. Capt, "Offensive Action in Mountainous Terrain - importance of command and leadership. (Examples: 34th Infantry, Naktong River, August 1950; 398th Infantry, Moyenmoutier, France, November 1944)"

Hadsell, G.A. CPT, "History of the Development of United States Tanks, Including Current Plans and Trends (Tank Course 1937-1938)"

Hamby, Dolph F. 1LT, "Is the Combat Outpost System as Presently Taught An Adequate Means for Providing the Battle Group Commander With Early Warning of the Enemy's Approach?"

Hopper, Robert F. CPT, "Does the Army Need a Promotion System Similar to the Officer Corps, Developed for the NonCommissioned Officer Corps?"

Houston, Darrell G. CPT, "Fourth Rifle Company of the Airmobile Infantry Battalion"

Howard, Francis E. Jr. 1LT, "Resupply by Animal in Modern Warfare"

Hulka, John P. CPT, "Infantry Museum"

Humphrey, Harold W. MAJ, "Offensive Actions in Snow and Extreme Cold"

Jackley, Lawrence W. CPT, "Parachute Assault of a Bridge"

Jackson, Jerry F. CPT, "Does a Requirement Exist for Signal Corps Qualified Personnel at Infantry Battalion (Airborne) Level?"

Jackson, John F. Jr. CPT, "Need for Review of the Army's Instrument Training Program"

Johnson, Alan E. CPT, "Specialization for the Infantry Officer"

Johnson, L.W. CPT, "Insurgents Within Malaya: Effectiveness of populace and resources control operations (research)"

Jones, Mark E. CPT, "Need for Frequent Practice in Small Arms Firing"

Kaiser, James H. CPT, "Unit Cohesion: A blend of Leadership, Motivation, Morale and Esprit de Corps"

Karns, Andre M. CPT, "Infantry in Attack of a Fortified Position"

Keck, Michael B. CPT, "Remagen Bridgehead: the Significance of Action Taken by United States and German Forces Between 7 and 17 March 1945 (Research)"

Keebaugh, G. Harold CPT, "Offensive Action in Cities"

Kehoe, Kevin J. CPT, "Resources Management at Battalion Level"

Kelly, Benjamin E. CPT, "Survivor Benefits"

Kelly, Ralph B. CPT, "Effects of Physical Conditioning"

Kendrick, Bruce A. CPT, "IOBC Leadership Instruction"

Kimball, Warren 1LT, "Character of a Leader"

Klapakis, Philip T. CPT, "Combat Load Requirements for a Dismounted Infantry Rifleman"

Knowlton, William F.X. CPT, "Book Department Officer"

Koon, Carl B. CPT, "Ambush - Not the Ultimate Tactic"

Laberteaux, Michael C. CPT, "Quality and Variety of Foods Available at Military Retail Outlets (Research)

LaBounta, Gerald C. 1LT, "Forward Observation of Indirect Fire by the Infantryman"

Lambert, Frank P. CPT, "Team Athletics"

Lance, Stephen E. CPT, "Defense on a Wide Front"

Landre, Lowell H. CPT, "Is the Present Class V Supply System Adequate to Meet Requirements of Fast Moving Situations Under Current Concepts of Tactical Operations?"

Lane, Hal C. CPT, "What Missions are Appropriate for Helicopterborne Forces in Active Atomic Warfare"

Larkin, Timothy J. CPT, "The Need for Snipers in the Light Infantry"

Lasater, Gerald D. CPT, "More Language Training"

Latham, Willard CPT, "What Should Be Done Within the Infantry Regiment to Improve Leadership Training for NCO's?"

Latta, Kenneth C. CPT, "Relocation of the Emergency Operations Center"

Latturner, George J. CPT, "Staff Responsibility for Civil Affairs at Battalion Level"

Laubecher, Ralph G. CPT, "1/4 Ton Trucks"

Lauber, Robert W. CPT, "Evasion and Escape Training Doctrine is Adequate to Prepare the Individual for Combat"

Lauby, Robert F. CPT, "Are We Providing Sufficient Training in Survival, Evasion and Escape?"

Lauby, Robert F. CPT, "Survival? Not Again! (Brief student paper on Korea and Vietnam POWs camp survival)"

Laudati, Roger C. CPT, "Nuclear Weapons Employment at Division Level"

Lauer, Jerry B. CPT, "Immediate Air Request Procedures Within the Infantry Regiment"

Lauff, Richard C. CPT, "MOS Identification 112"

Lauglin, Terence K. CPT, "LOH in an Anti-Armor Role"

Lauterbach, John W. CPT, "How to Improve Rifle Marksmanship in the United States Army"

Lauzon, Donald E. 1LT, "To What Extent Can the Forward Rifle Company Commander Determine When the Enemy Is Planning the Use of An Atomic Weapon In the Vicinity of His Position?"

Lavine, Lars CPT, "Combat Imperatives in the Development of German Offensive Doctrine in World War I"

Lawson, James E. CPT, "U.S. Rifle Marksmanship Training As Compared with the Rifle Marksmanship Training of Canada"

Lindeman, Arthur H. Jr. CPT, "Retrograde Action in Mountainous Terrain"

Linn, James W. MAJ, "Flood: The Citizen Expects"

Little, Selby F. Jr. CPT, "Airborne Raids"

Long, Herlihy T. CPT, "Why the Rifle Company Should Have a Pioneer Squad"

Mack, Richard E. CPT, "Marching fire: examples: 10th Infantry, Anger, France, August 1944; 378th Infantry, Schaffhauser, Germany, January 1945; and 517th Parachute Infantry, Soy, Belgium, December 1944"

McAllister, Henry CPT, "Universal Military Training: An adequate program"

McBride, Robert D. CPT, "Coordination in Column"

Mears, Joe G. CPT, "Attack by Small Units Over Seemingly Impassable Barriers in Mountain Operations"

Milner, Robert A. CPT, "At what point would Operation Barbarossa have spelled victory instead of defeat for Hitler? (Research)"

Mitchell, Howard S. CPT, "Commit the Reserve to Success"

Moore, James E. LT, "Should Carrier Type Tracked Vehicles be made Organic to the Infantry Division Battle Group in Sufficient Numbers to Insure 100% Mobility"

Moore, Spurgeon A. CPT, "Fire Fly Project"

Moorer, John D. Jr. 1LT, "Should the Infantry Division Have Sufficient Organic Tactical Transport Aircraft to Perform the Battlefield Airlift of a Rifle Company"

Nulsen, Charles K. Jr. CPT, "The Inadequacy of Mechanical Training in Light Weapons and its Effect on Combat Actions"

O'Brien, Emmett J. CAPT, "Armored Infantry versus Infantry on Tanks"

Ogden, Lawrence J. CPT, "Night Retrograde Movements in Mountainous Terrain"

Parrish, Monte M. CPT, "Battle of Aachen: An analysis of city fighting tactics (research)"

Peck, George E. CPT, "Limitations of Surprise in Offensive Action in Mountainous Terrain (Ex: 164th RCT, Negros, Philippine Islands, Jun 1945; 363rd Infantry, Mount Monticelli, Sept 1944; 86th Infantry, Riva Ridge, Feb 1945; Company at Mount Pantano, Nov 1944)"

Pittman, J.M. 1LT, "Historical Tactical Study: Italo-Abyssinian War, 1935 - Organization of the Theater of Operations and Strategical Conduct of the Campaign"

Powell, Colin L. CPT, "Distribution of the Lightweight Radio Transmitter AN/PRT 4 and Radio Receiver AN/PRR 9, Squad Radio Sets, within the Rifle Company, Infantry Battalion, Infantry Battalion (Mech) and Airborne Infantry Battalion"

Robertson, Victor M. CAPT, "Does the Present Training Program Prepare the Infantryman Adequately for Combined Operations with Armor?"

Ross, Frank S. CPT, "Strategical Study: Italo-Abyssinian War - the strategical conduct of the campaign and supply and evacuation operations"

Sibbles, Graham M. CPT, "Reverse Slope Defense"

Sneed, Bryant S. III CPT, "Officer Efficiency Report as a Tool of Leadership"

Snelling, Walter H. CPT, "Responsibility of the Armed Forces for Education in Citizenship"

Snider, Don M. CPT, "Graduate School Attendance for Infantry Officers"

Snodgrass, James G. CPT, "Armor Command Vehicle Radios"

Snodgrass, John C. CPT, "Role of the Squad Grendaier in the Assault"

Snooks, James P. CPT, "4.2 Inch Mortar M-30"

Snow, Wayne A. CPT, "Requirement for Service School Training of Operations and Intelligence NCO's"

Snyder, Harold B. Jr. CPT, "Displacement of the Infantry and Mechanized Infantry Battalion Command Posts"

Sola, Gerald C. Jr. CPT, "Character Guidance Program"

Sonnier, Robby J. CPT, "Battalion Staff Responsibility for Civil Affairs: S-1 or S-3?"

Sommers, Lawrence E. CPT, "Retention of the Bayonet"

Somerville, Paul F. CPT, "Section Leader of the Battalion Davy Crockett Section"

Spoede, Robert W. CPT, "Some Aspects of the Operations of Small Infantry Units During the Attack in the Jungle with Night Approaching"

Stark, Thos N. CPT, "Employment of Tanks in the Spanish Civil War"

Stickley, Douglas Penn Jr. CPT, "Are We Giving Just 'Lip Service' to Night Training?"

Strand, Myron K. 1LT, "Is the Army System of Evaluation of Performance and Proficiency of Battle Groups and Lower Units Adequate?"

Stringham, Joseph S. CPT, "Airmobile to O.K. Corral"

Strobridge, William F. CPT, "How Can the Battle Group Commander Best Counter Enemy Infiltration on the Atomic Battlefield?"

Stroh, George C. CPT, "Forward Area Air Traffic Regulation and Indentification"

Stroman, Samuel D. CPT, "Marching Fire"

Stromgren, Kenneth G. 1LT, "To What Extent Can Decentralization of Authority be Effected in the Battle Group?"

Stuart, James A. Jr. CPT, "Infantry in Support of Psychological Warfare Operations"

Stump, Robert M. CPT, "Covering and Controlling the Areas Between Strong Points in the Mobile Defense"

Strum, Major CPT, "Should Battle Groups be Commanded by Lieutenant Colonels"

Sugg, Leon H. Jr. CPT, "Consider the Reverse Slope"

Sullivan, Anthony D. CPT, "Maintenance Section, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Infantry Battalion (Mechanized)"

Sullivan, Robert A. CPT, "Is There a Need for the M-56 Chassis as a Carrier for Either the 4.2-inch Mortar or 106mm Rifle in the Infantry Division Battle Group"

Tart, Robert W. Jr. CPT, "Night Reconnaissance Necessary for Night Operations?"

Tatasciore, Joseph W. CPT, "What Should be the Anti-guerilla Warfare Doctrine for the Battle Group?"

Tate, Clyde J. 1LT, "To What Extent Can Decentralization of Authority be Effected in the Battle Group?"

Tate, James H. MAJ, "Are We Going Too Far in the Streamlining of Our Infantry Units?"

Tatum, Clifton M. CPT, "Is the Current System of Maintenance of Wheeled Vehicles Within the Battle Group Adequate?"

Tatum, John M. CPT, "Should Aggressor, the Training Aid System, Be Changed to Improve Tactical Training at Small Unit Level?"

Tausch, William H. Jr. LT, "What Should be the Anti-guerilla Warfare Doctrine for the Battle Group?"

Tavzel, Harold S. CPT, "Role of the S-2 in Unit Training"

Taylor, John F. CPT, "Should the Portable Flame Thrower be Organic to the Rifle Company Infantry Division Battle Group?"

Taylor, Michael E. CPT, "Future Forward Air Controller Aircraft"

Taylor, Michael E. CPT, "Insurgency in Northeastern Thailand (Research and Personal Experience)"

Titus, Calvin P. MAJ, "China Relief Expedition, 1900"

Tolar, Robert A. CPT, "A Comparison of the Firepower of the U.S. and Soviet Infantry Division"

Truett, Michael V. CPT, "Considerations for Railloading a Mechanized Brigade"

Wade, David E. CPT, "Effective Use of Organic Antitank Weapons in the Defense"

Wall, Thomas F. 1LT, "Military Codes and Ciphers: their development and use"

Warner Evrod C. MAJ, "Infantry Rifle Company Commanders' Wheel Vehicle Drivers"

Watson, Numa A. CPT, "Historical Tactical Study: Italo-Abyssinian War - Military Geography, Organization of the Theater of Operations and Lines of Communication"

White, Robert R. CPT, "Use of Small Strongpoints in Extended Position Defense"

Wilmeth, J.D. 1LT, "Employment of Motor Vehicles by the United States Army since the World War including Present Trends"

Winn, Charles C. CPT, "Reconnaissance Action in Mountainous Terrain"

Wolf, Harrison F. CPT, "Study on the Replacement Potential of the 9mm Pistol as Compared to the Pistol Caliber .45, M1911A1 as the Combat Sidearm of the U.S. Army"

Wolf, Henry N. 1LT, "Should Section Headquarters be Provided for the 106mm Rifle and 81mm Mortar Squads of the Weapons Platoon of the Rifle Company TOE 7-17T?"

Wolfe, Charles R. CPT, "Basic Branch Assignment of the Infantry Battalion S2"

Wolfe, James B. CPT, "Teaching the Adjustment of Armed Helicopter Fire to Infantry Officer Basic Course and Infantry Officer Candidate Students"

Wolfenberger, William A. 1LT, "Should Special Schooling be Provided to Qualify Selected Company Grade Officers to be Combined Arms Task Force Commanders?"

Wolff, Robert A. CPT, "Ways and Means of Closing the international Border of a Country, in which Insurgency Exists, to the Movement of Guerrilla Forces and Suport from Outside Sources"

Wolstenholme, Donald E. CPT, "Programs of Instruction of Career Courses at the Infantry and Armor Schools"

Womble, Phelps R. CPT, "To What Extent can Helicopters be Employed to Evacuate Casualities from Front Line Units Under Combat Conditions"

Wood, Allen H. III CPT, "Fundamentals of the Reverse Slope Defense"

Wood, Donald M. CPT, "Should section headquarters be provided for the 106mm rifle and 81mm mortar squads of the weapons platoon of the rifle company TOE 7-17T?"

Woolley, Earl K. CPT, "Should Commander's Time be Increased in Army Training Programs?"