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Special Collections

This Special Collections site contains items donated by individuals and/or organizations to the MCoE HQ Donovan Research Library or the Armor Research Library. Additional items for this collection will be posted in the near future.

MG Maurice Kendall Collection - The donated items in this collection below consist of MG (ret) Kendall's personal unit history remarks, personally signed unit history books, and postcards. While serving at various times at Fort Benning, MG Kendall, commissioned as a second lieutenant from Officer Candidate School April 1943, served as Platoon Leader of the 124th Infantry Regiment, Florida Army National Guard federalized demonstration troops, served as an Infantry School instructor and Weapons Test Officer, and in various other key Infantry and staff assignments. He retired after a distinguished military career which spanned over 35+ years. Posted with permission from MG (ret) Kendall and son Mike Kendall.



Unit Histories and Remarks

Postcard collection

1st Lieutenant Logan Weston Condolence Letter

This is a condolence letter from 1st Lieutenant Logan Weston, also known as the Fighting Preacher, to the mother of PFC Dan Carrigan of 1st Battalion Merrill's Marauders, who died as his platoon was attempting to break through the Japanese resistance and rescue the trapped platoon of 2nd Battalion Merrill's Marauders, during the Battle of Nhpum Ga, Burma, in 1944. Posted with permission from family member and niece Mary Carrigan Miceli.

CLICK HERE! To access 1LT Weston's lessons learned article with maps of his actions with the Merrill's Marauders in Burma. In February 1945 as a Captain, Weston became an Officer Candidate School (OCS) instructor at The Infantry School (TIS), Fort Benning. The TIS instructors used the article as a lessons learned for the students.





A History of Airborne Command, published by The Command Club for its Members

This e-book, a project of The Command Club, includes history of the Airborne Command from early history and activation in the 1930s to "where they fought" from 1942 to 1945. Originally housed in the Armor Library archives.


The following are photos, map and an overlay of outposts on Hill 200 and Hill 255 during the summer of 1952 in Korea. The items were donated by Howard R. Park Jr., who was a Second Lieutenant in the 45th Division in 1952, while in Korea at locations Hills 200 and 255.

Map: Chorwon, Korea. Illustration of unit location area on left side of map, summer 1952
Overlay: Illustrating units on Hills 200 and Hill 255, summer 1952
Photos: Mr. Parker and those with the 45th Division, summer 1952 at Baldy and other locations.

CLICK HERE! To access the 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, Command Report, July 1952. This report posted on the Korean War Project Web site mentions the 45ths combined efforts in Korea, summer 1952, during the time Mr. Parker was there.



Easy Memories: The Way it Was by Harold S. Arnold

Posted with permission from J.R. McIlroy, family friend of Mr. Arnold. This e-book, a project of the 99th Infantry Division, is a collection of morning reports, after battle reports and letters from the Soldiers in Mr. Arnold's unit E Company, 393rd Regiment, 99th Division, led by LTC E.C. Peters. The Division also included E, F, G and H companies. Mr. McIlroy was a member of F Company.


Evolution of the Army Pre World War One by Beryl R. Johnson, Ph.D.

This e-book is a collection of 84 transcribed letters, copies of photos and postcards that record Lt. Howard Ridgeway Randall's experiences in World War I at the Officer Training Camp, Plattsburgh, N.Y., the Army Training Cantonment at Camp Greene, N.C., and in campaigns with the Ivy Division in France. The prologue describes the evolution of the Army prior to World War I. The collection of materials and research are the work of Beryl R. Johnson, Ph.D., daughter of Lt. Randall. Her son, Mark A. Johnson, followed in his grandfather's footsteps, also serving as an officer with the 4th Infantry Division from 1981-1985 as a Captain and graduate of the Infantry Captains Career Course at Fort Benning. This material was donated to the library's archives and is posted with permission from the family.



History of Company "B" Ninth Armored Infantry Battalion, Sixth Armored Division

This booklet is a history of Company "B" Ninth Armored Infantry Battalion Sixth Armored Division by COL Jim Moncrief, Company Commander of Company B upon activation in 1942, and other members of Company "B".

Military Cemeteries from the Great War 1914 to 1918

This booklet, compiled by Robert Maxham, includes text and images of his travels throughout Europe from 30 May to 8 June 1994 of battlefields, burial grounds, and memorial parks from the aftermath of the Great War.

Photographic History of the 95th Infantry Division

This booklet is a photographic record of the combat achievements of the 95th Infantry Division during World War II. The item was donated by Clayton Barton, who served as an enlisted Soldier with the 95th Infantry Division during that time period. Posted with permission from Mr. Barton and family.

Posters from the Armor Research Library Archives

Battle Staff Officer Poster - ATZK-IM Poster 350-1-20, August 1998
Scout I Want You Poster - ATZK-DPT Poster 601-380-2, March 1992
Tanker I Want You Poster - ATZK-DPT Poster 600-280-4, March 1992

Prisoner of War Diary: A description of life in a German Prison Camp by Thearl E. Mesecher

Mr. Mesecher, a Combat Soldier of the 34th Infantry Division, was taken as a prisoner of war by the German Army near Fiad Pass, Tunisia, North Africa, February 17, 1943.

This diary was transcribed by Mrs. Antoinette Beswick, grandmother of COL John J. (Jack) Marr, MCoE Chief of Staff. Posted with permission from the Marr family.

The Way I Remember It: My First 75 Years, 1931-2006 by retired LTC Burton S. Boudinot

This booklet is a memoir compiled by LTC Boudinot, Editor in Chief of Armor Magazine from 1973 to 1977. "This is a story of a mature man, a husband to his beloved Jo, father of three girls and finally a senior, a philosopher of sorts, a man of the 20th century" ~ from introduction written by Bill Hansen, former Director of the US Army Armor Research Library.