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In an effort to support students with their writing assignments, the MCoE HQ Donovan Research Library in conjunction with the course instructors and department heads, are posting information needed to assist students with their course writing assignments, research and briefings. This is not comprehensive and is no way a final means of information. Students are still required to consult their instructors and/or department heads for further information. For research assistance, our Reference Librarian can be contacted at the library's reference desk at 706-626-8663, or inquire via e-mail at:


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MCCC blackboard link and other resources


E-book: "Musicians of Mars II" - CALL Handbook 16-12, dated Apr 16

E-book: "U.S. Army in Multi-Domain Operations 2028" - TRADOC Pamphlet 525-3-1, dated 6 Dec 2018

E-book: "Multi-Domain Battle: Evolution of Combined Arms of the 21st Century" - Version 1.0 dated Dec 2017



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ABOLC Battle Analysis Research Modules A, B and C

Research Modules A

Ad Diwaniyah

READ FIRST - Ad Diwaniyah Research Module

2-37 AR Ambush at Diwaniyah

AAR Ad Diwaniyah

Ad Diwaniyah Ambush 2

Ambush Case Studies Vol II

CPT Erik Peterson Diwaniyah Ambush

CPT Jerry Moore Ambush at Ad Diwaniyah


Diwaniyah Rough Draft - Colin Cremin

Jerry Horn Interview

Task Force Duke

Fetterman Massacre

READ FIRST - Fetterman Massacre Research Module



READ FIRST - Montreval Research Module

11th Panzer Division Ops in Southern France

117th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron

117th CRS at Montreval

117th CRS Outline of Ops

Daniel Lee

Item 1280 - VI Corps

TF Butler Study - 2007

World War II History of the 117th Cavalry

Reed's Bridge

READ FIRST - Reed's Bridge Research Module

AAR - 17th TN AAR

AAR - 23rd TN AAR

AAR - 25th TN AAR

Bushrod Johnson's AAR

Johnson's BDE AAR

Minty's BDE AAR

CS Correspondence

US Correspondence 1

US Correspondence 2

The Chickamauga Campaign, the Armies Collide: Bragg Forces His Way Across Chickamauga Creek by William Glenn Robertson

CS CAV in Chickamauga Campaign

Suoi Cat

READ FIRST - Suoi Cat Research Module

11th Armored CAV Regiment Monthly Evaluation Report, Dec 1966

Ambush of 2 December 1966

Combat After Action Report - Operation Atlanta, Oct-Dec 1966

Historical Summary - 1st Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, 1966

Image - Suoi Cat 1966

Tactical and Materiel Innovations, CMH Pub 90-20-1

ACAV-Workhorse of The CAV, 1965-1973


READ FIRST - Villers-Bretonneux Research Module

British Tank Corps History

First World - Memoirs\Diaries - When Tank Fought Tank

FKSM 17-3-2 - Armor in Battle, dated 1986

Tank in Action, 1920

Tank Notes, 1931

Research Modules B

73 Easting

READ FIRST - 73 Easting Research Modules

2 ACR I Troop, 1991

2-2 ACR

2-2 ACR-1

2-2 ACR-1

73 Easting-1

CPT H.R. McMaster, Battle of 73 Easting, narrative, 1991

Eagle Troop, 2 ACR

LTG (ret) Don Holder, 2 ACR in Desert Storm, 2016

Tawakalna Division Article

Browns Mill Report

READ FIRST - Brown's Mill Research Module


Brown's Mill Report

Campaigns of Wheeler and His Cavalry

CS Correspondence

CS Reports

US Cavalry in the Atlanta Campaign - CGSC Paper

US Correspondence

US Reports

Groupement Mobile 100

READ FIRST - Groupement Mobile Research Module

Dossier FR Article

French in Indochen-English

GM 100, 1954 FR article

La Batailled' Ankhe_ENG_translation

Last Fights by Mouragues - article translated

Luedeke Article, ARMOR Jan-Feb 2001

Vietnam Vignette - The French Groupement Mobile 100, Parallel Narratives

Hammelburg Raid

READ FIRST - Hammelburg Raid Research Module

4AD AAR Extract

37th Tank Battalion AAR Extract

Srok Dong

READ FIRST - Srok Dong Historical Research Module

Battle Experiences, July 1966

CAAR Operation El Paso II,7,III, Jun-Sep 1966

CG, 1st Infantry Division

Fundamentals of Armored Cavalry Tactics

Ground Forces Commanders Daily Situation Rep

Donald Russell Long, Medal of Honor Citation

Mechanized OPS by MAJ Hubard from 1966-1968

Narrative of the Battle of Srok Dong

SOP, 1st Squadron, 4th US Cavalry - October 1966

The Campaign Along Route 13

The Viet Cong Techniques

Thunder Run

READ FIRST - Thunder Run Research Module

1SG Richard, PSG, 1-64th AR - August 2007

COL Schwartz Revised

CPT Hibner, ENG COY - April 2007

CPT Linn, S1 - April 2007

CSM Barnello, TF CSM - April 2007

HBCT OIF Presentation

LTC Nussio, TF XO - April 2007

MAJ Hilmes, A., 1-64th AR - April 2007

MAJ Sponsler, HHC - April 2007

SFC Gaines, PSG - April 2007

SFC Hall, TC, 1-64th AR - August 2007

SSG Walker, Leader and Driver, 1-64th AR - August 2007

Task Force, 1-64th, OIF Narrative

Research Modules C


READ FIRST - Armor at Malmaison Research Modules

BCMH First World War Occasional Paper No. 1

French Armor in The Great War

Tanks at the Chemin des Dames 1917

The Battle of Malmaison doctrinal turning point for the French Army - The Great War Channel

Minh Thanh Road

READ FIRST - Minh Thanh Road Historical Research Module

Battle Experiences dated July 1966

Battle of Minh Thanh Road

Combat After Action Report on Operation El Paso II and III, dated Jun-Sept 1966

Fundamentals of Armored Cavalry Tactics


SOP - 1st Squadron, 4th US Cavalry, dated October 1966

The Campaign along Route 13

The Viet Cong Techniques

Powder River

READ FIRST - Powder River Research Module

1934 Account by BG Brown

Battle of Powder River, CGSC, dated 2001

Sidi Bou Zid

READ FIRST - Sidi Bou Zid Research Module

Armor in North Africa

CMH Staff Ride Guide

Kasserine Maps and Sketches, CMH


READ FIRST - Singling Research Module

804 AD 414 - Combat History of the 4th Armored Division covering the period 17 July 1944 to 9 May 1945

837 TB 107 - After Action Report for December 1944

851 AIB 131 - After Action Report, 51st Armored Infantry Battalion, 4th Armored Division, dated 23 Aug 1944 to 9 May 1945

BG Albin Irzyk Interview

Article: Return to Singling by A. Harding Ganz, PhD, ARMOR Magazine, dated 1985

Small Unit Actions: Singling, dated 1946

Sunshine Church

READ FIRST - Sunshine Church Research Module

11th Kentucky Cavalry, US

Battle of Dunlap Farm

Battle of Dunlap Hill

Butler Failure of the Stoneman's Raid

Civil War Times article on the Stoneman's Raid

History of the 14th Illinois Cavalry

1st Kentucky Cavalry, US

MG Cobb Report

MG Sherman's Atlanta Campaign Report

Union media coverage of the Stoneman's Raid

US Cavalry in the Atlanta Campaign

US Reports - The War of the Rebellion