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The Brigade Combat Team: Readying for Large Scale Ground Combat (LSGCO)

The Maneuver Center of Excellence will conduct the 2019 Maneuver Warfighter Conference September 10-12, 2019 at Fort Benning, Georgia. Command Sergeant Major Celestine and I are honored to invite you to attend this year's conference entitled "The Brigade Combat Team: Readying for Large Scale Ground Combat (LSGCO)".

The purpose of this year's conference is to focus on how we train fundamental individual Soldier and collective skills and prepare the Maneuver Force for the future. Additionally, we will discuss the challenges with Soldier and squad modernization during breakout sessions. Each day of the 3-day conference will build upon the previous and ultimately provide an azimuth to sharpen our Maneuver Force for the future. We will review the Operational Environment, TRADOC and FORSCOM priorities, and benefit from Division and Brigade Senior Leader discussion panels. The Warrior Corners are productive breakout sessions where leaders from various organizations and perspectives describe challenges and outline changes for future training.

One Force, One Fight!

Gary M. Brito
Major General, U.S. Army
Commanding General

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Time Topic Location
0630-0800 TDB
0800-0830Maneuver Force Video Opening RemarksTDB
0830-0920TRADOC PrioritiesTDB
0920-1010OE –TRADOC G2TDB
1010-1020BREAK (10)TDB
1110-1200SBCT Focus TopicTDB
1215-1345Infantry Branch Working LunchTDB
1345-1355BREAK (10)TDB
1355-1445SBCT Focus TopicTDB
1445-1535SBCT Focus TopicTDB
1535-1545BREAK (10)TDB
1545-1635SOF Employment & SOF/CF Integration\TDB
1635-1715MWC #1 Roll-Out FM 3-96TDB
1635-1715MWC #2 IN / AR OSUT TXNTDB
1635-1715MWC #3 CyberTDB
1635-1715MWC #4 RoboticsTDB
1800- UTCDoughboy DinnerTDB
Time Topic Location
0645-0745CSM BreakfastTDB
0800-0830911 Remembrance Video Remembrance Remarks – ChaplainTDB
0920-1010CTC Trends/Best Practices PanelTDB
1020-1110ABCT Focus TopicTDB
1110-1200ABCT Focus TopicTDB
1215-1345Armor Branch Working LunchTDB
1355-1445ABCT Focus TopicTDB
1445-1535SFAB2 VTCTDB
1545-1635Allied GO Panel Operations in Eastern EuropeTDB
1635-1715MWC #5 Integrated Wpns Strategy - Show & TellTDB
1635-1715MWC #6 Protection WFF (MP School)TDB
1635-1715MWC #7 Lethality CFTTDB
1635-1715MWC #8 Future Vertical Lift CFTTDB
1800- UTCDoughboy DinnerTDB
Time Topic Location
0800-0850Army TransformationTDB
0850-0940FORSCOM PrioritiesTDB
0940-0955BREAK (15)TDB
0955-1045IBCT Focus TopicTDB
1045-1135IBCT Focus TopicTDB
1135-1225IBCT Focus TopicTDB
1225-1245Closing Remarks – MG BritoTDB
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Web Meeting

Due to network connectivity, we won't push the MWfC to virtual attendees today (11 September 2018). We will push tomorrow 12 September 2018 at 0800.


06 September 2018


SUBJECT: Maneuver War Fighter Conference Attendance Procedures

  1. Purpose. Outline procedures for the Maneuver Warfighter Conference "virtual" attendees” to enable maximum participation and user satisfaction using Skype for Business, 11-13 September 2018, McGinnis-Wickam Hall, Fort Benning, Georgia.
  2. All seminar virtual attendees must adhere to the procedures outlined in this memorandum to facilitate the effective collaborative transfer of information presented in unclassified mediums for the duration of the Maneuver Warfighter Conference.
  3. ONLY Military (Active, Guard and Reserve) and DoD Civilian virtual attendees with a Common Access Card (CAC) logged in on a Lync (Skype for Business) account will be allowed into the meeting space as authenticated users to view seminar briefings in real-time. Users trying to access the Skype for Business meeting space without a CAC will not be granted access.
  4. To view and/or participate in a presentation, follow the 3-step process below.
    1. Each agenda item is an active hyperlink to presentations in Marshall Auditorium. Just click on the link and you’ll be directed into the web session.
    2. Video and microphone function inside the meeting room will be disabled by the room administrator. All user interfaces will be limited to chat function. Chat comments MUST be limited to questions regarding seminar subject material or to report technical difficulty. The sheer number of virtual attendees will not allow for personal chat between users while monitoring the seminar presentations.
    3. Question are welcomed and encouraged during scheduled seminar topics of discussion. Queries through the chat function must include the user’s NAME, RANK, UNIT, LOCATION and email address to ensure effective answers and provide.
  5. 5. Web Schedule will be hosted from 0800 – 1200 (Eastern Standard Time),
  6. 6. To join a presentation, Link: Click Here
  7. Link: How to Request a Skype Account

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Conference Operations

For information related to the Maneuver Warfighter Conference.
Hours of Operations M-F 0800-1700 EST

706-545-1135 | DSN 835-1135

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VIP Lodging

All General Officers, Nominative Command Sergeants Major and above please book your lodging reservation through DTS. Select Abrams Hall (IHG) as the lodging facility here on Fort Benning, Ga. Once complete, please send an email to MCoE Protocol at with the following information.

First Name
Last Name
Title/Duty Position
Arrival/Departure Dates
Flight Itinerary (Attach if possible)
Names of additional attendees if authorized

Contact Daniel (Dan) Whitehurst at or office phone (706) 545-1440/DSN 835-1440 if you should have any questions.