Fort Benning

U.S. Army Fort Benning and The Maneuver Center of Excellence

Protocol Site




  • Promotion Ceremony Narration
  • Retirement Ceremony Narration
  • Relinquishment of Command Ceremony Narration
  • Assumption of Command Ceremony Narration
  • SES Appointment Narration and SES Appointment Sequence of Events
  • Fallen Comrade Table Scripts
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Narration, Ribbon Cutting Host Prep, and Ribbon Cutting Sequence of Events


  • Relinquishment of Command Ceremony Program
  • Assumption of Command Ceremony Program
  • Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel Program with Staff Badge
  • Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel Program with Army Seal
  • Colonel to Brigadier General Program with Army Star
  • Brigadier General to Major General Program