Fort Benning

U.S. Army Fort Benning and The Maneuver Center of Excellence

Range Division Site

Range Division


Plan and budget for the construction, modernization and sustainment of ranges and the training complex. Provide safe operations and coordination, scheduling and control of ranges, the training complex and airspace. Furnish, maintain and sustain target system in support of the MCoE and tenant units. Monitor, maintain and sustain the use of ranges and training areas. Develop and maintain procedures for safe live fire and maneuver for commanders and units. Execute the Integrated Training Area Management Program. Work closely and coordinate with:G-3; Garrison; Instillation Environmental and Forestry; Post Safety office; Post Airfield Division; IOC; DPW; DOL; Knowledge Management; JAG; DES; CPOL; Budget office; MWR ; DOTD; DOTS; and all supported units.