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Absence With Out Leave (AWOL) / Dropped From Rolls (DFR)


The unit commander is responsible for prompt and accurate determination of a soldier's absence as being authorized or unauthorized. Whenever a soldier is absent under circumstances which make it appear that the soldier is absent without authorized leave, an immediate inquiry will be conducted to determine his or her true status. When a soldier is absent without proper authority from the appointed place of duty, that soldier is not reported as being AWOL until he or she has remained absent for a period of 24 hours following AWOL determination. The soldier is dropped from the rolls thirty days after being reported as AWOL. The DA From 4187 reporting the soldier as dropped from rolls will be sent the Personnel Services Battalion and the DMPO-Fort Benning.


Below are general descriptions for the various types of confinement

  • Members in confinement type 1 are confined by Civil Authorities and are not entitled to pay. (Soldiers are not normally held in this status for extended periods.)
  • Members in confinement type 2 (Confinement by Civil authorities as a witness) are being paid. They should have their BAS, without Dependent COLA suspended.
  • Members in confinement type 3 (Military Confinement Awaiting Investigation or Court-Martial) are being paid. Members should have their BAS, without Dependent COLA and other selected entitlements suspended. (Soldiers should not remain in this confinement type for extended periods unless the pending charges are severe.)
  • Members in confinement type 4 (Military Confinement, Sentenced) are being paid. Members should have their BAS, without Dependent COLA and other entitlements suspended. (Members are generally transferred to Fort Knox, Fort Sill, Fort Lewis or other similar confinement facilities within 48 hours of trial completion. Cases where confinement is 30 days or less may remain on station to complete confinement time.)