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Cavalry Leader's Course


*Effective 011100 May 21, prerequisites for attendance, graduation requirements, all course material align with and adhere to current Army policies for ACFT implementation, record physical fitness data (APFT), and HT/WT requirements across all TRADOC courses will be enforced IAW AR 350-1 para 3–13.*

Student Requirements: DOD personnel or their Allied equivalent assigned or possessing potential to be assigned as planners, First Sergeants or Commanders of Reconnaissance/Cavalry organizations, Brigade Combat Teams or their equivalent. Army Officers in the rank of 1LT-LTC; Warrant Officers in the rank of CW3-CW4; and Non-Commissioned Officers in the grade of SFC-1SG/MSG who serve in the AR, IN, EN, AV, MI, FA, SIG CMF. Additional Soldiers may attend this course with a waiver signed by the individual's Squadron Commander. Officers must be a graduate of any Captain Career Course (Officers who have not completed a Captain's Career Course may attend if a waiver is provided by their Squadron Commander). It is recommended that NCOs be a graduate of the Battle Staff NCO or the Allies equivalent.

Security Clearance Required: NA

Uniform/ equipment: Students will wear ACU/ duty uniform throughout the course. Laptops will be issued on the first day of training.