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Dismounted C-IED Tactics Master Trainer/9E-F59/950-F38 Site

Dismounted C-IED Tactics Master Trainer/9E-F59/950-F38

Course Outcome

Upon completion of this course, the Master Trainer (MT) will have the foundation to become an SME in C-IED Tactics. The MT will apply knowledge to assist leaders with C-IED training, planning, executing, and supervising at company and battalion level. The MT will advise unit leaders and personnel about IED threats, recommend enablers to mitigate IED threats, incorporate C-IED TTPs into the Unit Training Plan, conduct a company level C-IED training program.

The DCT-MT course is a two-week course culminating in the completion of a situation training exercise (STX).

During the first week of training the students will focus on the technical skills of hand held and CREW devices, threat assessments, planning process, planning, preparing and executing C-IED considerations in to the unit training plan, basic instructor facilitation and leader and staff communication skills.

During the second week, the student will demonstrate what they have learned through a series of tactical application of DATE Scenarios exercises, including receiving a battalion/squadron level order to plan and execute a mission at the company, platoon, or squad level and a peer training session derived from the course material.