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U.S. Army Fort Benning and The Maneuver Center of Excellence

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ACM ABCT/Reconnaissance & Security (R&S)

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ACM ABCT/Reconnaissance & Security (R&S) is the Army's centralized integrator for all capabilities across the DOTMLPF-P enterprise enabling ABCT and R&S formations to win on any battlefield. Serving as the Soldier's interface, collaborates with stakeholders (HQDA, Army Futures Command, FORSCOM, III U.S. Corps, all ABCTs and R&S formations, program/product managers, other ACMs, and TRADOC Centers of Excellence) to identify, develop, field, and assess holistic solutions - current and future - enabling armored formations and career management field (CMF) 19 warfighters to maintain capabilities overmatch, conduct cross-domain maneuver, and defeat any adversary during large-scale combat.