Acronyms in ARMOR

All A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Top

A&L - administrative and logistics

AA – augmented adviser

AAB – advise-and-assist brigade

AAC – armament accuracy check

AAR – after-action review

ABCS – Army Battle Command System

ABCT – armored brigade combat team

ABE – assistant brigade engineer

ABL – ammunition basic load

ABOLC – Armor Basic Officer Leaders Course

ABP – Afghan Border Police

ABV – assault breacher vehicle

AC – Active Component

ACE – armored combat earthmover

ACP – access control point; assault command post

ACR – armored cavalry regiment

ACT – advance civilian team

ACV – Amphibious Combat Vehicle

AD – armored division

ADA – air-defense artillery

ADAM/BAE – air-defense airspace management/brigade aviation element

ADCON – administrative control

ADL – ammunition data link

ADP – Army doctrine publication

ADREC - Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center

ADRP – Army doctrine reference publication

ADS – Afghan Development Station

AEA – airborne electronic attack; average error of azimuth

AEE – average error of evaluation

AEF – American Expeditionary Forces

AERA – advanced explosive reactive armor

AFAV – Advanced Fast-Attack Vehicle

AFRICOM – Africa Command

AFV – armored fighting vehicle

AFVID – armored fighting vehicle identification

AG – armored gun; assault gun

AGC – Army Geospatial Center

AGF – Army Ground Forces

AGL - automatic grenade launcher

AGM – attack guidance matrix

AGMV – advanced ground mobility vehicle

AGS – Armored Gun System

AGTS – Advanced Gunnery Training System

AI – area of interest; artificial intelligence

AIR – airborne infantry regiment

AIT – advanced individual training

AKO – Army Knowledge On-line

ALC – Advanced Leader Course

ALM – Army Learning Model

ALO – Air Force liaison officer

ALOC – administrative/logistics operations center

AM - amplitude modulation

AMD – air and missile defense

AMDWS – Air and Missile Defense Work Station

AMG – Abrams Master Gunner (Course)

AMP - advanced multipurpose

AMT – assigned mission task

ANA – Afghan National Army

ANCOC – Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course

ANSF – Afghan National Security Forces

AO – area of operation

AoA – analysis of alternatives

AOB – advanced operating base

AOR – area of responsibility

AOSC – area of operations supporting commander

AP – armor-piercing

APA – Army prepositioned afloat

APB – Afghan Border Police

APFT – Army Physical Fitness Test

APS – Active Protection Systems

APU – auxiliary power unit

AQIM – Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb

AR – Army regulation; armored regiment

ARC – Army Reconnaissance Course

ARCENT – U.S. Army Central

ARCIC – Army Capabilities Integration Center

ARDEC – Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center

ARFORGEN – Army Force Generation

ARNG – Army National Guard

ARS – armored reconnaissance squadron

ARTEP – Army Training and Evaluation Program<

ARVN – Army of the Republic of Vietnam

ASCOPE – areas, structures, capabilities, organizations, people and events

ASRC – Army Synchronization and Resourcing Conference

ASI – additional skill identifier

ASLT – Adaptive Soldier Leader Training

ASOS – air-support operations squadron

AT – anti-tank, annual training

ATAC – Abrams Training Assessment Course

ATD – advanced technology demonstration

ATEC – Army Test and Evaluation Command

ATFP – Army Total Force Policy

ATGM – anti-tank guided missile

ATN – Army Training Network

ATP – Army technical publication

ATTP – Army tactics, techniques and procedures

AWES – Area Weapon-Engagement System

AWG – assessment working group

AWT – air-weapon team

BAE – brigade aviation element

BAR – Browning automatic rifle

BAT – biometric automated toolset

BCT – brigade combat team

BDA – battle-damage assessment

BEB – brigade engineer battalion

BFT – Blue Force Tracking

BfSB – battlefield surveillance brigade

BFP – Bastogne Fusion Process

BFT – Blue Force Tracker

BFV – Bradley Fighting Vehicle

BLOS – beyond line of sight

BMC – Brigade Modernization Command

BMP – Boyeva Mashina Pekhoty (Russian fighting vehicle)

BNCOC – Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course

BNN – Blackhorse Network News

BP – battle position

BRDM – Boyevaya Razvedyvatelnaya Dozornaya Mashina (Russian scout vehicle)

BSA – brigade support area

BSB – brigade support battalion

BSI – battlespace integrator

BSM – Bronze Star (medal)

BSO – battlespace owner

BTG – brigade tactical group

BTR – bronetransportyor

BUA – built-up area

BUB – Battle Update Brief

BZ – below the zone

C/A – coarse acquisition

C2 – command and control

C4I – command, control, communications, computers and intelligence

CA – civil affairs

CAB – combined-arms battalion; Commander Assessment Brief

CACTF – Combined Arms Collective Training Facility

CAIMAN – Caiman mine-resistant ambush-protected (vehicle)

CAISI – Combat Service Support Automated Information Systems Interface

CALL – Center for Army Lessons-Learned

CAM – combined-arms maneuver

CAMFLX – combined-arms maneuver live-fire exercise

CAP – crisis action planning

CAR – Central Army Registry

CAS – close air support

CAS3 – Combined Arms and Services Staff School

CASCOM – Combined Armed Support Command

CASEVAC – casualty evacuation

CAT – civil-affairs team

CATR – Close-Access Target Reconnaissance

CATS – Combined Arms Training Strategy

CBRN – chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear

CBRN-E – chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and (high-yield) explosives

CCA – close-combat attack

CCA – Combat Command A

CCB – Combat Command B

CCIR – commander's critical information requirements

CCR – Combat Command Reserve

CCTT – Close-Combat Tactical Trainer

CDB – Commander's Decision Brief

CDD – capabilities-development document

CDID – Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate

CEP – circular error probable

CERP – Commander’s Emergency Response Program

CF – coalition forces

CFL – coordinated fire line

CFV – Cavalry Fighting Vehicle

CGSC – Command and General Staff College

CGSS – Command and General Staff School

CHOPS – chief of operations

CI2C – Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Integration Cell

CIMIC – civil-military cooperation

C-IDF – counter-indirect fire

C-IED – counter-improvised explosive device

CJTF – Combined Joint Task Force

CLC – Cavalry Leader’s Course

CLI – Class I


CLIIIB – Class III (bulk)

CLP – cleaner lubricant and preservative

CLIX – Class IX

CLU – command launch unit

CLV – Class V

CMETL – core mission-essential task list

CMF – career management field

CMSF – Combat Mission: Shock Force®

CMTC – Combat Maneuver Training Center

CNE – computer-network exploitation

CO – combat operations

CoA – course of action

COAPEX – cavalry-operations adaptive-planning exercise

COE – contemporary operating environment

COEFOR – contemporary-operating-environment Force

COIC – Current-Operations Integration Cell

COIN – counterinsurgency

CoIST – company intelligence-support team

COLT – combat observation and lasing team

COMSDIR – communications director

COMSEC – communications security

COMSTRAT – communications strategy

CONOP – concept of the operation

CONUS – continental United States

COP – combat outpost; common operating picture

CORD – combined operational-requirements document

COS – contingency operation site

COTS – commercial-off-the-shelf

CP – command post; checkpoint

CPoF – Command Post of the Future

CPX – command-post exercise

CQB – close-quarters battle

CQM – close-quarters marksmanship

CR – cavalry regiment

CROW – common remotely operated weapon

CRS – cavalry reconnaissance squadron

CRT – combat repair team

CSA – Chief of Staff of the Army

CTC – combat training center

CTCP – combat-trains command post

CTP – common tactical picture

CUAT – commander’s unit-assessment tool

CUB – Commander Update Brief

CUOP – current operations

D-Main – Division-Main (command post)

D-Rear – Division-Rear (command post)

D-Tac – Division-Tactical (command post)

DA – decisive action; direct action; Department of the Army

DA PAM – Department of the Army pamphlet

DAGR – Defense Advanced Global Positioning System Receiver

DATE – decisive-action training environment

DCSCD – deputy chief of staff for combat development

DEPEX– deployment exercise

DFP – defensive fighting position

DISCOM – division support command

DIVARTY – division artillery

DLC – digital-learning content

DMPRC – Digital Multipurpose Range Complex

DO – decisive operation

DO – distributed operations

DOCC – Deep-Operations Coordination Cell

DoD – Department of Defense

DoS – Department of State

DoTD – Directorate of Training and Doctrine

DOTMLPF – doctrine, organizations, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel and facilities

DP – decision point

DPICM – Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munition

DRA – Democratic Republic of Afghanistan

DS – direct support

DSF – district stability framework

DSETS – Direct-Support Electronic Test Set

DSLE – dynamic senior-leader engagement

DSM – decision-support matrix

DTED – Digital Terrain Elevation Data

DTO – Division Transportation Office

DU – depleted uranium

DVH – double-V hull

EA – engagement area

EAB – echelons above brigade

ECP – entry control point

EFP – explosive-formed penetrator

ELOS – extended line of sight

Ensitemp – enemy situational template

EOD – explosive ordinance disposal

EST – Engagement Skills Trainer

ETO – European Theater of Operations

EUBG – European Union battle group

EUD – end-user device

EW – electronic warfare

EXCON – exercise control

EXFOR – experimental force

FA – field artillery

FAASV – field-artillery ammunition supply vehicle

FAS – forward aid station

FASCAM – Field Artillery Scatterable Munitions

FBCB2 – Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below

FCS – Future Combat Systems

FDU – force-design update

FEAF – Far East Air Force

FFIR – friendly forces’ information requirements

FFT – field-feeding team

FID – foreign international defense

FIST – fire-support team

FLE – forward logistics element

FLIR – forward-looking infrared

FLOT – forward line of own troops

FM – field manual; frequency modulation

FOB – forward operating base

FoF – force-on-force

FORSCOM – U.S. Army Forces Command

FOV – fields of view

FPOL – forward passage of lines

FRAGO – fragmentary order

FRIES – Fast Rope Insertion / Extraction System

FRS – Forward Repair System

FS3 – Fire-Support Sensor System

FSC – forward-support company

FSCS – Future Scout and Cavalry System

FSE – full-spectrum engagement

FSO – full-spectrum operations; fire-support officer

FSR – field service representative

FST – forward-support troop

FTX – field-training exercise

FUOPS – future operations

FY – fiscal year

GAA – grease aircraft automotive

GCE – ground combat element

GCM – graphic control measure

GCV – Ground Combat Vehicle

GFI – government-furnished information

GHQ – general headquarters

GIANT – GPS Interference and Navigation Tool

GIRoA – Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

GIRS – Grid Index Reference System

GMTI – Ground Moving-Target Indicator

GPS – Global Positioning System

GRINTSUM – graphical intelligence summary

GST – Gunnery Skills Testing

GT – general technical

GTA – Grafenwoehr Training Area

GWOT – Global War on Terrorism

HAHO – high altitude, high opening

HALO – high altitude, low opening

HBCT – heavy brigade combat team

HCT – HUMINT (human intelligence) control team

HE – high explosive

HEAT – Humvee Egress Assistance Trainer; high-explosive anti-tank

HETT – Heavy Equipment Transport Truck

HF – high frequency

HHBN – headquarters and headquarters battalion

HHC – headquarters and headquarters company

HHT – headquarters and headquarters troop

HICON – higher control

HLZ – helicopter landing zone

HMEE – High-Mobility Engineer Excavator

HMETT – Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck

HMG – (.50-caliber) heavy machinegun

HMMWV – high-mobility multi-wheeled vehicle

HN – host nation

HNSF – host-nation security forces

HoF – health of the force

HQ – headquarters

HTA – Hohenfels Training Area

HUMINT – human intelligence

HVT – high-value target

IBAS – Bradley Acquisition Subsystem

IBCT – infantry brigade combat team

IC – intelligence collection

IDF – Israeli Defense Forces

IED – improvised explosive device

IFLIR – Improved Forward-Looking Infrared

IFV – Infantry Fighting Vehicle

IIA – inform-and-influence activities

ILE – intermediate-level education

IMI – interactive multimedia instructionIMI – interactive multimedia instruction

INTSUM – intelligence summary

IPB – intelligence preparation of the battlefield

IPR – in-progress review

IR – information requirement

ISAF – International Security Assistance Forces

ISD – instructional-system designer

ISO – in support of

ISPDS – Integrated Solider Power and Data System

ISR – intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance

ITDT – Instructional Technology Development Team

IVIS – Intervehicular Information System

IW – irregular warfare

JAGIC – Joint Air-Ground Integration Center

JBB – Joint Base Balad

JCATS – Joint Conflict and Tactical Situation

JCR – Joint Capability Release

JDAM – Joint Direct Attack Munitions

JDO – joint distributed operations

JFCOM – (U.S.) Joint Forces Command

JMRC – Joint Multinational Readiness Center

JMSC – Joint Multinational Simulation Center

JMTC – Joint Multinational Training Command

JOAC – Joint Operational Access Concept

JP – Joint pamphlet; Joint publication

JPADS – Joint Precision Airdrop Systems

JRMC – Joint Multinational Readiness Center

JRTC – Joint Readiness Training Center

JSA – joint security area

JSS – joint security station

JTAC – Joint terminal attack controller

JTF – joint task force

KDK – kandak

KM - kilometer

KMO - knowledge-management officer

KSP – kinetic strike package

LD – line of departure

LDP – leader-development program

LdSH (RC) – Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadian)

LFX – live-fire exercise

LHS – load-handling system

LLVI – low-level voice intercept

LNO – liaison officer

LoA – limit of advance

LOC – line of communication

LoE – line of effort

LOGPAC – logistics package

LOGSTAT – logistics statistics

LoS – line-of-sight

LP – low profile

LPD – leadership professional development

LRAS – Long-Range Acquisition System

LRAS3 – Long-Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System

LRDG – long-range desert group

LRP – logistical resupply point

LRS – long-range surveillance

LRU – line replaceable unit

LRV – Light Reconnaissance Vehicle

LSA – life-support area

LSSAH – Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler

LST – logistical support team

LVC – live, virtual and constructive

LVC-G – live, virtual, constructive and gaming

LVC-IA – live, virtual, constructive-integrating architecture

M-ATV – mine-resistant ambush-protected all-terrain vehicle

MAC – maintenance allocation chart

MAS – main aid station

MATES – Maneuver Area Training and Equipment Site

MaxxPro – name of an MRAP

MBA – main battle area

MBL – Maneuver Battle Lab

MBT – main battle tank

MCCC – Maneuver Captain’s Career Course

MCG – mechanized cavalry group

MCoE – Maneuver Center of Excellence

MCOO – modified combined obstacle overlay

MCS – mission-command system

MCTP – Mission-Command Training Program

MDB – main defensive belt

MDCoA – most dangerous course of action

MDMP – military decision-making process

MEB – maneuver-enhancement brigade

MEDEVAC – medical evacuation

MEDO – medical officer

METL – mission-essential task list

METT-TC – mission, enemy, terrain, troops available, time, civil considerations

MFF – military freefall

MFS3 – multifunctional staring sensor suite

MFT – multi-functional team

MG – master gunner

MGRS – Military Grid Reference System

MGS – mobile gun system

Mhz – megahertz

MI – military intelligence

MICO – military-intelligence company

MILES – Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System

MISO – military information-support operations (formerly psychological operations)

MiTT – military training team

MLCoA – most likely course of action

MLR – main line of resistance

MMCV – mobile mission-command vehicle

MNF-I – Multinational Forces Iraq

MNS – mission-needs statement

MoD – Ministry of Defence (United Kingdom et al)

MoE – measure of effectiveness

MOJWA – Movement for Oneness and Jihad in Western Africa

MoP – measure of performance

MOS – military-occupation specialty

MOS-T – military-occupation specialty training

MOUT – military operations in urban terrain

MP – military police

MPA – movement-preparation activities

MPC – Marine Personnel Carrier

MPF – mobile, protected firepower (term changing to "armored warfare")

MRA – maneuver-rights area

MRAP – mine-resistant ambush-protected (vehicle)

MRD – Mounted Requirements Division

MRF – mission-ready force

MRCV – multi-role combat vehicle

MSAF – Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback (survey)

MSD – minimum safe distance

MSLC – Maneuver Senior Leader’s Course

MSM – Meritorious Service Medal

MTOE – modified table of organization and equipment

MTC – movement to contact

MTRS – mortars

MTT – military transition team; mobile training team

MUSE – Multiple Unified Simulation Environment

MTV – medium tactical vehicle

NAI – named area of interest

NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAVAC – navigational accuracy

NCO – noncommissioned officer

NCOA – Noncommissioned Officers Academy

NCOIC – noncommissioned officer in charge

NCOES – Noncommissioned Officer Education System

NET – new-equipment training

NG – National Guard

NIE – network integration evaluation

NLOS – non-line of sight

NMLA – National Movement for the Liberation of Azaward

NSN – National Stock Number

NTC – National Training Center

OA – operational assessment

OASS – One-Army School System

OBS – obstacles

O/C/T – observer/controller/trainer

OCC-P – Operational Coordination Center-Province

OCE – observer/controller/evaluator

OCS – Officer Candidate School

ODP – officer-development program

ODS-SA – Operation Desert Storm situational-awareness (Bradleys)

OE – operational environment

OEF – Operation Enduring Freedom

OGA – other governmental agency

OIF – Operation Iraqi Freedom

OLC – oak-leaf cluster

OP – observation post

OPCON – operational control

OPFOR – opposing force

OPORD – operations order

OPSUM – operations summary

OR – obstacle reduction

OR – operational readiness

OSRVT – One System Remote Video Terminal

OSV – (opposing force) surrogate vehicle

OTC – Operational Test Command

OTI – Office of Transition Initiative

P (code) – precision

PAO – public-affairs officer

PCC – pre-combat check

PCI – pre-combat inspection

PCS – permanent change of station

PDSS – pre-deployment site survey

PED – processing, exploitation and dissemination

PEO – program executive office

PGK – Precision Guidance Kit

PGM – precision guided munitions

PI – percent of incapacitation

PIR – priority information requirements; (“passive”) infrared

PIR – priority intelligence requirement

PL – platoon leader; phase line

PL – phase line

PLS – Palletized Load System

PM – project manager

PM-MAS – project manager, Maneuver Ammunition Systems

PME – professional military education

PMESII-PT – political, military, economic, social, information, infrastructure, physical environment and time

PMO – Provost Marshal Office

PNT – position, navigation and timing services

PoE – port of embarkation

PoI – program of instruction

PoP – period of performance; proof of principle

PRT – Provincial Reconstruction Team

PSD – protective services detail

PSS – personnel service support

PZ – primary zone

R&S – reconnaissance and security

RAO – Royal Army of Oman

RC – regional command; reserve component

RCT – route clearance team

RG – record group

RED – risk-estimate distance

REFORGER – Return of Forces to Germany

RIF – reconnaissance in force

RIP/TOA – relief in place/transfer of authority

RMA – revolution in military affairs; rail-marshalling areas

RoE – rules of engagement

RSLC – Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leaders Course

RSJA – regimental staff judge advocate

RSO – range safety officer

RSS – regimental support squadron

RSTA – reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition

RSTB – regimental special-troops battalion

RTI – regional training institute

RTU – rotational training unit

RV – reconnaissance vehicle

S&T - science and technology; supply and transportation

SA – situational awareness

SADARM – Sense and Destroy Armor

SAM – surface-to-air missile

SAMS – School of Advanced Military Studies

SAMS-E – Standard Army Maintenance System-Enhanced

SASO – stability-and-support operations

SAW – squad automatic weapon

SBCT – Stryker brigade combat team

SBF – support by fire

SCO – squadron command officer

SECFOR – security forces

SEP – system-enhancement package

SFAAT – security forces advise-and-assist team

SFAT – security-force assistance team

SFAT TL – security-force assistance-team team leader

SGF – second-generation forward-looking infrared

SIGACTS – significant activities

SIGINT – signals intelligence

SIMPLE – Simulation-C4/Interchange Module for Plans, Logistics and Exercises

SIR – specialty information requirement

SJA – Staff Judge Advocate

SKT – small kill team

SL – squad leader

SLE – soldier leadership engagement

SmartBED – smart battlefield energy on-demand

SME – subject-matter expert

SOF – Special Operations Forces

SOP – standard operating procedures

SORC – statement of required capabilities

SOS – services of supply

SOSI – Systems of Systems Integration Division

SPIES – Special Purpose Insertion / Extraction System

SPO – support operations

SSA – Selective Service Act; Supply Support Activity

SSO – Security Support Office

SSP – standard scout platoon

SSTR – stability, security, transition and reconstruction

STK – Satellite Tool Kit

STX – situational training exercise

SU – situational understanding

SUOS – Sustainment Unit One-Stop

SWOT – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

SWPA – Southwest Pacific area

SWT – scout weapon team

TAA – tactical assembly area

TAC – tactical command post

TACOM – Tank-automotive and Armaments Command

TACON – tactical control

TACSAT – tactical satellite

TAVS – technical, audio, visual and surveillance

TBC – tactical battle command

TC – tank commander

TCAC – tactical civilian agency counterparts

TCM – TRADOC capabilities manager

TCM-ABCT – TRADOC Capability Manager-Armored Brigade Combat Team

TCM-Recon – TRADOC Capability Manager-Reconnaissance

TCP – traffic control point

TCT – tactical camera team

TD – technology development; tank destroyer

TDA – table of distribution and allowances

TDE – tactical-decision exercise

TERM – tank extended-range munitions

TEWT – training exercises without troops

TF – territorial force

TGT – target

TIOM – tactical interagency operations model

TIRS – Terrain Index Reference System

TL – team leader

TLE – target-location error

TLP – troop-leading procedures

TM – technical manual

TOC – tactical operations center

ToE – table of organization and equipment

TOW – tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided

TPT – Tactical Psychological Operations (Psyop) Team

TRAC – (U.S. Army) Training and Doctrine Command Analysis Center

TRADOC – (U.S. Army) Training and Doctrine Command

TRANSAPP – transformative application

TRIGR – Target Reconnaissance Infrared Geolocating Rangefinder

TRM – tactical road march

TSCE – theater security-cooperation exercise

TST – time-sensitive target

TTOS – Tactical Tracking Operations School

TTL – tagging, tracking and locating

TTP – tactics, techniques and procedures

TUAS – tactical unmanned aircraft system

UAH – uparmored humvees

UAS – unmanned aerial system

UAV – unmanned aerial vehicle

USAID – U.S. Agency for International Development

USAREUR – U.S. Army Europe

USDA – U.S. Department of Agriculture

ULO – unified land operations

UMCP – unit maintenance collection point

UMO – unit-movement officer

UMR – unit-manning report

UO – urban operations

USAFFE – U.S. Army Forces in the Far East

USAJFKSWCS – U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School

USG – U.S. government

USMA – United States Military Academy

USMC – U.S. Marine Corps

USSCOCOM – U.S. Special Operations Command

VBS2 – Virtual Battlespace 2

VC – Viet Cong

VCs – vehicle commanders

VCSA – Vice Chief of Staff of the Army

VGDvolksgrenadier or people’s division

WARNO – warning order

WAS – wide-area security

WfF – warfighting function

WG – working group

WIN-T – Warfighter Information Network-Tactical

WLC – Warrior Leaders Course

WTC – Warrior Training Center

XCTC – exportable combat training center

XO - executive officer

Z1 – Zone 1