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ARMOR November-December 2012

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Armored Forces: Mobility, Protection and Precision Firepower Essential for Future
by COL David B. Haight, COL Paul J. Laughlin and CPT Kyle F Bergner

Keeping the Sabers Sharp: Maintaining Relevance in the Modern Era
by CPT Ken Segelhorst

Armor’s Asymmetric Advantage: Why a Smaller Army Needs Mobile, Protected Firepower
by MG Bill Hix and Mark C. Smith

Armor at a Crossroads (Again)?
by LTC Andrew Morgado

Subjective Thinking and the Relevancy of Heavy Armor in Modern Warfare
by CPT Thomas A. Rebuck

From Blackhawk to Bradley: A Quick Story about Flexibility
by Christopher G. Hume

The Ground Combat Vehicle
by Darrell W. Barden

Filling in the Blanks: Leveraging Simulations to ProvideTactical Experience
by Dale Spurlin, Steven R. Scholtz and James Valentine

Special Operations as a Warfighting Function?
by John P.J. DeRosa

A Scout Platoon Leader’s Perspective on the Complex Threat
by 1LT Derek Wales

Active Listening: the Leader’s Rosetta Stone
by MAJ Joel P. Cummings

The Army Family
by CPT Lance Brender

Whither Armor?
by retired COL Clinton J. Ancker III

Operation Saber Junction



Commandant’s Hatch
by COL Paul J. Laughlin, Commandant, U.S. Army Armor School

Gunner’s Seat
by CSM Miles S. Wilson, Command Sergeant Major, U.S. Army Armor School

Shoulder-sleeve Insignia: 4th Cavalry Regiment