TCM-ABCT / Recon serves as TRADOCís centralized manager for all activities related to the ABCT, BfSB and all supporting reconnaissance formations. The office serves as the ABCT / Recon Soldierís user representative to PEO- Ground Systems, PM-ABCT, DA, TRADOC and MCoE. In the past year, TCM-ABCT / Recon has completed trend analysis from five decisive-action training environment rotations at NTC/JRTC, seven unit visit/umbrella week data-collection efforts and multiple leader-engagement sessions with ABCT / Recon officer and noncommissioned-offer leaders attending training at Fort Benning to develop an observations, insights and lessons (OIL)-based DOTMLPF integrated action plan. Since 2010, TCM-ABCT / Recon has conducted 31 unit visits to identify trends and assist the Army in improving ABCT capabilities.