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In Memoriam: retired GEN Charles C. "Hondo" Campbell

The Stryker Brigade Combat Team Cavalry Squadron in Decisive Action
by LTC Mark H. Hoovestol

Can the Company-Level Intelligence-Support Team Work in Decisive Action? Lessons Learned from 4th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment
by SGT Jared C. Clark

Rethinking the Transition between Intelligence and Maneuver: The Cavalry Squadron
by LTC Mark H. Hoovestol

Getting Left of Launch: Guided Missiles and the Threat to Our Force
by MAJ Michael J. Trujillo and MAJ Frank Adkinson

The Commander's Role in Combined-Arms Breaching Operations
by CPT John Barrington and CPT Stephen Harmon

7 Additional Breaching Habits of Highly Effective Units
by CPT Damian M. Krebsbach

Multinational Engineers in a Decisive-Action Training Environment
by CPT Taylor M. Lee

The Power of the Full-Dress Rehearsal
by MAJ Jeffrey J. Barta

Sustaining the Cavalry Squadron at the National Training Center
by 1LT Ian A. Murdoch

Fighting the Combat-Trains Command Post in a Decisive-Action Environment
by CPT Kyle S. Marcum and 1LT Andrew J. Prunty

The Combat-Trains Command Post in the Stryker Brigade Combat Team's Cavalry Squadron
by CPT Paul M. Guzman, 1LT Anthony R. Davila and Chaplain (1LT) Marc A. DeLuca

Don't Harness an Ox to a Racehorse: Get the M113 Out of the Armored Brigade Combat Team … Now, Please!
by COL William T. Nuckols Jr. and Dr. Robert S. Cameron

Re-establishing an Expeditionary Force: an Interview with LTG Gustave F. Perna, U.S. Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, G-4

Armor Units Should Prepare for Emergency Deployment-Readiness Exercises
by Diana Nalli, LTC William Shinn Jr. and MAJ Harry York

Reconnaissance Formations and Civil Reconnaissance in Stability Operations
by CPT Thomas Westphal

Forging Forward: Capturing Armor Expertise for this Fight and the Next
by CPT Jabari M. Jackson

Think We're the Best? A Look Down Under Might Change Your Mind
by LTC Terrence Buckeye

More Than a Ceremony: Conducting Battalion-Level Changes of Command
by MAJ Thomas Anderson


Sullivan Cup Schedule

Call for Magazine Articles

DePuy Writing Competition Announcement by Army Press

3rd Battalion, 353rd Armor Regiment Assists Units with Security Cooperation and Security-Force Assistance Training
by MAJ Richard W. Duncan

Soldiers Encouraged to Submit Items for Soldier Enhancement Program
by Rochelle V. Bautista-Niggemann


Chief of Armor's Hatch: Readiness, Sullivan Cup
by BG Scott McKean/CIG

Gunner's Seat: Individual Crewmember Task Proficiency
by CSM Alan Hummel

Book review: General Lesley J. McNair: Unsung Architect of the U.S. Army
by Mark T. Calhoun; reviewed by LTC T.J. Johnson

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Featured unit: 13th Cavalry Regiment