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ARMOR Summer 2017 edition

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The Lethality Imperative: Training Cavalry Squadrons to Fight for Information
by LTC Scott Pence

Increasing Reconnaissance and Security Proficiency through Leader Experience
by LTC Mark McClellan

The Return of Cavalry: A Multi-Domain Battle Study
by MAJ Nathan A. Jennings, MAJ Amos C. Fox, MAJ Adam L. Taliaferro, MAJ David W. Griffith and MAJ Kyle T. Trottier

Leveraging Space: an Examination of the Ultimate High Ground at Echelons Brigade and Below
by LTC Coley D. Tyler

Missed Opportunities: How Stryker Brigade Combat Teams are Misusing Organic Signals Intelligence, Electronic-Warfare Capabilities
by CPT Elena Cherepanova

Scouts Fashion Victory in Gainey Cup Competition
by CPT Patrick M. Zang and CPT John L. Albert

Enabling Mission Command through Cavalry Squadron Operations
by MAJ R. Perry White

What Do We Mean When We Say ‘Fight For Information’?
by LTC Nathan Palisca

Cordoba Cats: Ejercito de Tierra’s Leopard 2E Main Battle Tank
by Stefan DeGraef

Training and Evaluation in a Complex Environment
by LTC Jeffrey J. Barta and MAJ Chase S. Baker

Iron Brigade’s Combat-Team Pursuit of Mobile Command-Post Capabilities
by COL Charles Lombardo and MAJ Ken Selby

2017-2018 Armor Training and Leader Development Strategy Released

New App Aids Gunnery


Chief of Armor’s Hatch: Strengthening the Branch’s Core
by BG David Lesperance

Gunner's Seat: Shortages in the Branch
by CSM Alan Hummel

Boresight Line: Armor Accuracy Checks?
by SFC Joseph Cook and SFC John Roberson

Book reviews: Hitler's Ardennes Offensive: The German View of the Battle of the Bulge,
review by retired LTC Lee F. Kichen

Featured unit: 16th Cavalry Regiment