Armor Branch Reinvigorates Developmental Programs

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Figure 1. A scout humvee from 6-9 Cavalry uses the Long-Range Advance Scout Surveillance System to observe a named area of interest during National Training Center Rotation 13-03 in January 2013. Troop C, 6-9 Cavalry, won a unit Draper Award in 2014. (Photo by Cobra O/C)

The Armor Branch seeks to reinvigorate two of its core developmental programs. The Regimental Honorary System and Draper Leadership Award Program have proven over the years to be effective in enabling professional development in the leaders and Soldiers of implementing units. Professional organizations maintain a connection to the legacy of those who have gone before them and mentor their members through lessons-learned in past conflicts and world events. Recognition of excellence and positive competition further encourages leaders to develop their respective formations into more effective organizations.

Honorary system

The Armor and Cavalry Regimental Honorary System provides a link with history for today’s Soldiers through honorary colonels and sergeants major of the regiment. The program instills esprit, morale and the traditions of our Armor and Cavalry regiments.

Distinguished and honorary members assist the colonel and sergeant major in their efforts to perpetuate the history of their regiment and impart Army values. Honorary position holders are nominated by their unit and approved by the Chief of Armor.

Draper Award

The Draper Armor Leadership Award promotes combat leadership in Armor Branch units. The award is given annually to promote, sustain and recognize excellence in leadership in Armor and Cavalry units, and is presented to a deserving unit selected by the unit’s division/regimental commander according to Draper standard operating procedure.

The program was established in 1924 as a means to competitively test the leadership of small Cavalry units.

The 2014 annual unit Draper Armor Leadership Award winners:

  • Troop C, 1-12 Cavalry, 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT), 1st Cavalry Division;
  • Troop C, 6-9 Cavalry, 3rd ABCT, 1st Cavalry Division;
  • Troop K, 4-3rd Cavalry Regiment;
  • Company C, 2-69 Armor, 3rd ABCT, 3rd Infantry Division;
  • Troop A, 5-73 Cavalry, 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT), 82nd Airborne Division;
  • Troop D, 1-509 Infantry, Joint Readiness Training Center Operations Group, U.S. Army Forces Command;
  • Troop B, 3-38 Cavalry, 525 Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, I Corps;
  • Troop A, 1-14 Cavalry, 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 7th Infantry Division;
  • Troop A, 1-16 Cavalry, 316th Cavalry Brigade, U.S. Army Armor School;
  • Troop B, 2-106 Cavalry, 33rd IBCT, Illinois Army National Guard; and
  • Troop A, 1-105 Cavalry, 32nd IBCT, Wisconsin Army National Guard.

For more information regarding the Regimental Honorary System and Draper Armor Leadership Award, contact the Office of the Chief of Armor (OCOA) at or visit the OCOA Website at