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Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

Affirmative Employment Program


The Fort Benning Affirmative Employment Program (AEP) is designed to implement affirmative actions to overcome the effects of past and present discriminatory practices, policies, or other barriers that prohibit equal employment opportunity in the work place. These designated affirmative actions will work toward the achievement of a diverse work force in occupational categories in consonant with the census availability data provided by EEOC; DoD and Army goals established for hiring and placement of employees and individuals with disabilities; guidance provided by OPM for the hiring and placement of disabled veterans. The AEPP will also work toward the achievement of diverse representation of civilian personnel at all levels and/or job categories at this installation.

  1. Practices that have an adverse effect on individuals or groups of individuals because of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability should be eliminated. This does not preclude development of policies or procedures that take into account lawful consideration of these factors in order to overcome the effects of past discrimination.
  2. Commanders at all levels are responsible for implementing the Department of the Army and locally developed policies and procedures to achieve the results in paragraph a above.
  3. AEP plans must be prepared in concert with EEOC Management Directive 715 and other Army guidance.
  4. The Affirmative Employment Program continuously monitors and evaluates the implementation of the AEP plans and the progress of affirmative action efforts. To achieve this objective organization managers and EEO personnel need additional reports, ad hoc inquiries or special studies required on a quarterly and annual basis. The EEO office will prepare analytical synopsis or analysis and distribute to the Commander and management officials no less than quarterly, or as requested.

Affirmative Employment Program Plan (AEPP)

The AEPP plan required by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) promotes equal employment opportunity for Army civilian employees and applicants. The installation’s AEP Plan includes aggregate work force analysis and goal accomplishment data. The local AEPP also identifies ways to remove barriers to the employment and advancement of women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and disabled veterans.