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STEP 1: Start Planning!

  • Begin Unit training 120-180 days prior; the official EIB train-up period is not sufficient to pass!
  • Contact the EIB Program Manger no less than 120 days prior to your proposed test date.
  • Allocate time on your training calendar.
  • Submit land, ammunition, resources, manpower, and logistical requests.
  • Read USAIS PAM 350-6 to determine what items you do not have on hand; develop a resourcing strategy.
  • Ensure all potential Candidates are afforded the ability to qualify on an ARF range. They must qualify Expert no more than 180 days prior to the test.
  • EIB Supplies (PDF)
  • USAIS PAM 350-6 dated 7 February 2020

    All EIB Board Members, NCOICs, and Graders should be familiar with Chapters 1-8.

    This book is much shorter than the old manual and does not have to be printed in color. We highly recommend that you print the entire manual rather than cutting and pasting to create a Candidate/Grader book. This will prevent mistakes and discrepancies between the various versions and the original.

STEP 2: Documents Required to Submit an EIB Test Request

  • Request Testing Memo with Digital Signature (Word)

    Do not alter the wording of this document with the exception of completing the highlighted information specific to your unit.

    EIB Test Manager Validation will be conducted a week before training and will be over a 5 day period. Test Manager validation takes a minimum of three days to conduct. This needs to be reflected on your requesting memo. This time line may be adjusted with written approval. The LOA will include travel and validation days.

    Once the Testing Memo has been approved by OCOI; units will receive a memo from the EIB Program Manager. The memo will have dates for the approved testing; identify the conditional approval requirements that must be met to receive certificates and orders once testing is completed.

  • Request Testing Memo with Digital Signature (PDF)
  • Blank Waiver Template

    If you are submitting a waiver for ALT C, the following requirements apply:

    • Waiver(s) must be individualized, or contain an attached roster.
    • Each waiver must include a detailed description of why a waiver is required for that soldier; poor planning is not a valid reason.
    • Each soldier's waiver must also include their most recent ARF range qualification card (within one year) showing them qualified expert, AND their most recent ALT C qualification card (within six months) showed them qualified expert.

    ALT C is meant to extend an individual's qualification when they legitimately do not have access to an ARF range; it is not meant to replace the standard qualification procedure.

STEP 3: Documents Required for Validation

  • Detailed Concept of Operation and Schedule required no less than 60 days prior to your proposed Validation date.
  • Blank Commander's Sworn Statement (PDF)

    You must have one sworn statement per Battalion represented. They must be filled out completely and correctly.

  • Validation Schedule

    While the order of events on this schedule is flexible, all tasks must be completed in order to be validated.

  • Effective Immediately, Candidate Packets will be replaced by an up to date ERB/ORB/SRB
    • Use the record briefs to build/validate your roster/spreadsheet.
    • Record brief date must be within one month of the first day of validation.
    • Expert qualification on DA Form 3595-R within the specified time frame must be reflected.
    • Candidate's MOS will be checked to ensure eligibility.
    • Height and weight will be checked for compliance.
    • Candidate must not be flagged.
    • Candidate must have a passing APFT within six months of training day one.
    • These items must be up to date, or verifying paperwork will be stapled to the Record Brief. Record briefs that are not up to date will be the exception rather than the rule and must be briefed to the EIB Program Manager in advance.

      The testing Unit may require additional packet items, but OCOI will validate the BN CDR's Sworn Statements (one per BN), the ERB/ORB/SRB (one per Candidate), and the Unit Tracker Spreadsheet (must be complete at the end of Validation).

STEP 4: Documents for Testing

  • 2019 Standard Unit Tracker with Auto-Populate
    2020 Standard Unit Tracker with Auto-Populate

    We will go over this spreadsheet and roster during your validation; ensure the roster is complete prior to our arrival. Its use is mandatory and after you have been validated, no more Candidates can be added to the roster. At the end of each testing day, you must submit this document to the EIB Test Manager and you must include the final version along with the Final Orders Roster spreadsheet and President of the Board Sworn Statement upon completion.

    It is highly recommended to use this during your practice week as well.

  • Individual Score Sheet

    The Candidates will carry this with them during Lane Testing as a summary of their progress. It will not be used for grading or tracking purposes. It must be collected at the end of each day.

  • Station Tracker

    This document replaces the old Individual Scorecards at each station. It can be modified as necessary. This is a controlled item and must only be filled out by the graders at that specific station. They will all be collected at the end of each day and reconciled with the Unit Tracker.

STEP 5: Documents Required to Receive Your Orders

  • Final Orders Roster and Embedded Sworn Statement

    You must fill out all information completely and correctly in order to receive your orders and certificates and submit this file along with your completed Unit Tracker spreadsheet (under STEP 3).

    If you are using the Unit Tracker with Auto-Populate, all this information is included.

  • President of the Board's Sworn Statement

    This is embedded in the third tab of the EIB Tracker, but can also be printed and filled out by hand.

STEP 6: Required within 15 Days of Test Completion

  • AAR Template

    Ensure to address the areas outlined in the template. Provide your unit and contact information.

YOUR unit is responsible for updating the OMPF of ALL candidates who earn the EIB