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Basic Airborne Course (BAC) Site

Basic Airborne Course (BAC)

Student Military Appearance and Inspection Standards

There will be a roll call inspection on Friday of the report week to familiarize you with roll call, inspection standards, and procedures. Personnel from Reserve Components, National Guard, and other services, or countries, will wear Standard Issue ACU or fatigue (utility) type uniforms for training. ALL students will comply with U.S. Army Regulations concerning grooming.


  • Instructors will conduct inspections the morning of each training day.
  • Hair: Hair will be cut to the standards contained in AR 670-1, Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia.
  • Face: Male students will be clean-shaven at all times during Airborne training. Students will NOT wear make-up in the training area.
  • Helmet: Helmets will be inspected by the company trainers to ensure that the helmets are properly configured and serviceable.
  • Uniform:
    • ACU shirt and trousers, cold weather jackets, black gloves with inserts, and tan undershirts will be clean and serviceable IAW AR 670-1. NO corporate advertisements, logograms, or printing are authorized on undershirts. Uniforms will NOT be starched.
    • Belts will be clean, serviceable, and worn IAW the student's branch of service.
    • Boots will be free of all dirt or gravel and laced prior to the first work formation. All boots will be clean and serviceable.
    • All services must wear a ACU Patrol cap or equivalent while on duty. Foreign students are discouraged from wearing berets, but may do so if no other headgear is available for their uniform.
  • Military identification card and identification tags: One long and one short chain interlaced, with one ID tag per chain (with medical alert badge as required).


Students will not wear the army black, maroon, or green beret outside of the training. The only authorized head gear is either the ballistic helmet or patrol cap.

  • Students will not wear jewelry in the training area. One designated student per class will wear or carry a watch.
  • Male student's hair will be IAW AR 670-1.
  • Female students may not wear metal pins or barrettes in their hair.
  • Student headgear in the training area is a serviceable Parachutist's Helmet.