Fort Benning

U.S. Army Fort Benning and The Maneuver Center of Excellence

Basic Airborne Course (BAC) Site

Basic Airborne Course (BAC)

Leave and Pass Policy

  • Leaves during the course are only granted for valid emergencies; the Company Commander approves emergency leaves. After graduation, if the student has a follow-on assignment within the continental U.S., he will normally be granted 10 days leave. Students being assigned to units not within the continental U.S. may be granted up to 30 days leave.
  • During non-duty hours, students are normally free to travel within a 50-mile radius of Fort Benning, GA without a valid leave form. Travel outside a 50-mile radius requires an authorization from the Company Commander. You must return well rested and on time for company designated formations and training.
  • Students should not expect to leave prior to the graduation ceremony. If a student cannot attend graduation, they should come to another course date.
  • Students should not expect weekends off nor should they expect weekend passes. Weekend training may occur in the event of inclement weather or at the commander’s discretion. Weekend passes are a privilege.
  • The Airborne School supports Hometown Recruiter Assistance Plan. Soldiers must have a DA Form 4187, Personnel Action signed by an O-5 or higher upon arrival.