Fort Benning

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Basic Airborne Course (BAC) Site

Basic Airborne Course (BAC)

Personal Conduct

Students attending the BAC must conduct themselves in an appropriate and disciplined manner, on-duty and off-duty. BAC students are not authorized to consume alcoholic beverages within 24-hours prior to a training day and are not authorized to possess alcoholic beverages in the billets. Students who violate provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) will be quickly disciplined, and may be permanently dropped from airborne training with subsequent assignment as a non-graduate. DOD policy in reference to body piercing is strictly enforced (i.e. NO BODY PIERCING OF MALE OR FEMALE SOLDIERS ARE AUTHORIZED FOR WEAR ON OR OFF DUTY WHILE ON A MILITARY INSTALLATION, FEMALES ARE AUTHORIZED EARRINGS WHILE OFF DUTY). Under no circumstances may a student bring a Personally Owned Weapon to the course.