Infantry (ISSN: 0019-9532) is an Army professional bulletin prepared for quarterly publication by the U.S. Army Infantry School at Fort Benning, Ga. Our mission is to provide current information on training, organization, weapons, equipment, tactics, and techniques and to provide a forum for progressive ideas. We also include relevant historical articles with emphasis on the lessons we can learn from the past.

Although it contains professional information for the Infantryman, the content does not necessarily reflect the official Army position and does not supersede any information presented in other official Army publications. Unless otherwise stated, the views herein are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Department of Defense or any element of it. Official distribution is to Infantry and Infantry-related units and to appropriate staff agencies and service schools.


Infantry is aimed at professional U.S. military personnel. Its chief appeal is to company-grade officers and senior NCOs. You are welcome to write or call to tell us about your article idea, explaining your intended theme, scope, and organization. We’ll tell you whether we would be interested in seeing the proposed article and give you any further guidance you may need. If it’s not within our editorial guidelines, we’ll advise you, if we can, what other publication might be receptive to it.

Style -- We prefer clear, correct, concise, and consistent wording, expressed in active voice, to high-flown formal writing or military jargon. Most of the manuscripts we receive can be improved and shortened by cutting out meaningless or repetitious words and phrases. (NOTE: Please spell out all acronyms and abbreviations the first time you use them.)

We edit all manuscripts as needed for clarity and conformance to our style and standards of expression, and we often change titles.

Length -- Our fully developed main articles are usually between 2,000 and 3,500 words long, but these are not rigid guidelines. Most of our articles are much shorter, and we use these in the Professional Forum and Training Notes sections. If you have only a short comment, suggestion, or training idea, it may fit best in the Letters section or as a Swap Shop item.

References -- When necessary, cite your references, and mark quoted material clearly. Also be sure quotations are absolutely accurate.

Illustrations -- Sketches, photographs, maps, or line drawings that support your article are welcome. Keep operational diagrams as simple as possible, and use the Army’s standard symbols. When you submit your article, please include the original electronic file of all graphics (jpeg, tiff, Powerpoint, etc.). Please also include the origin of all artwork and, if necessary, written permission for any copyrighted items to be reprinted.

Clearance -- Authors are responsible for ensuring their articles receive a proper security review through their respective organizations before being submitted. Clearance requirements are outlined in Army Regulation 360-1, Chapter 5, Paragraph 5-3. Headquarters Department of the Army/Office of the Secretary of Defense clearance is required if your article meets any of the criteria listed there. Article clearance is further covered in Paragraph 6-6, with procedures on how to do so outlined in Paragraph 6-9. The bottom line on most article clearance is discussed in Paragraph 6-6 -- while you certainly may ask your local Public Affairs Office's advice, it is the "author's responsibility to ensure security is not compromised. Information that appears in open sources does not constitute declassification.

Biography -- Please send a brief biography along with your manuscript. We usually include current duty assignment in addition to any previous assignments you’d like to include. You may also include any experience or education, particularly information that tends to establish your knowledge of your subject.

Payment -- Because Infantry is an official publication of the U.S. Army, monetary payment for material is not permitted. You will, however, receive several complimentary copies of the issue in which your article appears.


Articles can be emailed to: usarmy.benning.tradoc.mbx.infantry-magazine@mail.mil. Although we prefer email, articles may also be mailed to the address listed below. If mailing, please include a CD with the electronic files.


Phone: (706) 545-2350/6951 or DSN 835-2350/6951
Email: usarmy.benning.tradoc.mbx.infantry-magazine@mail.mil
Mailing address: Infantry Magazine, P.O. Box 52005, Fort Benning, GA 31995-2005
Website: http://www.benning.army.mil/infantry/magazine


Although the magazine is transitioning to an online only publication, we do have an electronic distribution list for those who would like to be notified when new issues are posted. If you would like to be added to the distribution list, please email usarmy.benning.tradoc.mbx.infantry-magazine@mail.mil.


As a government publication, Infantry is in the public domain except for those items where copyright information is posted. When reprinting articles, we request credit is given to Infantry and the issue the article appeared in. Any questions can be emailed to usarmy.benning.tradoc.mbx.infantry-magazine@mail.mil.