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Spring 2020 Issue

Commandant's Note

Restoring Infantry Overmatch Starts in 2020

Infantry News

Soldier Lethality Team Delivers First Big Futures Deliverable with ENVG-B

CRESS Fielded to IBCTs: Chemical Reconnaissance and Explosives Screening Sets Bring Detecting Precursors of HMEs to the Force

Professional Forum

The Fighting Platoon Sergeant Concept: Leveraging the Experience of a Platoon’s Senior NCO to Control the Assault Element

Mobility, Shock, and Firepower: Light Armor-Infantry Operations in the Past, Present, and Future

Mission Command of Highly Synchronized Operations at NTC

Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Mission that Every Unit in the Army Has... But Doesn’t Know It... Yet

The Subterranean Combined Arms Fight: A Primer

The OSUT Platoon Leader Experience

Courage: Why Fostering Relationships Today Is Critical for Tomorrow

Training Notes

Section Gunnery and ABCT Lethality

The Changing Face of Rifle Qualification: Best Practices to Succeed in a New Era

Closing the Gap: USASC Refines POI to Better Prepare Snipers for Modern Fight

MMT Serves as Unit SME for All Individual, Crew-Served Weapons

Lessons From The Past

Task Force Warfighting: Lessons from the Mexican-American War

Paratroopers vs Paratroopers: The 11th Airborne Division Repels a Japanese Parachute Assault — Leyte, 1944

Book Reviews


War in 140 Characters: How Social Media is Reshaping Conflict in the Twenty-First Century