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Family Law Matters

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Our office provides legal assistance for a myriad of family-related legal matters. Although we will not represent you in court, we offer sound advice and guidance to help you through a potentially difficult time in your life.

Prior to scheduling an appointment with one of our attorneys regarding divorce and separation, we ask that you watch our Family Law Brief video linked below. The video provides basic information on divorce, family separation and military support requirements. You will have a limited amount of time with the attorney and the video covers general issues common to most of our clients. After watching the video, you will be able to maximize your appointment time by focusing on matters unique to your situation. If you are an active duty member, please note that your work computer might not allow access to the video. If so, please use a personal computer or smart phone.

If you feel additional legal assistance is required and you must hire an attorney, the Georgia Bar’s Military Legal Assistance Program (MLAP) may be able to provide an attorney in your area for a reduced rate (for non-criminal matters). You can contact MLAP at 404-527-8765, e-mail, or at their website at You may also review our local attorney list.

We encourage you to review our Fact Sheets below for additional information related to your specific issue. To make an appointment with an attorney in our office, please call us at 706-545-3281/3282.



Considering divorce or separation?

Our Family Law Briefing may be able to answer some of your questions you may have.