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The Fort Benning Tax Center is located on the third floor of the OSJA in Bldg. 2839 at 6450 Way Avenue.

Telephone Numbers


The U.S. Army Fort Benning Tax Center is certified by the IRS as a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site. All of the Soldiers, civilians and volunteers who work in the Tax Center have undergone extensive training and are properly certified by the IRS.

At the Tax Center, we will E-File your federal AND state returns (if needed) absolutely for FREE.


The hours of operation for the 2019 tax season will be the following:

Monday: 0900-1700
Tuesday: 0900-1700
Wednesday: 1100-1900
Thursday: 0900-1700
Friday: 0900-1700

The Tax Center will be closed on all Training and Federal Holidays.

NEW!!! Both appointments and walk-ins will be available for the 2018 tax season based on the following:

  • 1040 Returns: By appointment only
  • 1040A Returns: By appointment or walk-in on Monday – Friday from 1300-1500
  • 1040EZ Returns: By walk-in only (Monday – Friday from 1300-1500)

You can begin to make appointments Jan. 28, 2019. Walk-in hours will be Monday – Friday from 1300-1500 for forms 1040A and 1040EZ only. If you do not know what type of return you will be filing (1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ) please call the Tax Center for assistance.


If you are entitled to legal assistance, then you are entitled to have your returns prepared by the Tax Center. However, due to VITA regulations, we cannot prepare the following types of returns:

  • Anything requiring a Schedule C (if you own your own business) or Schedule SE unless it is due to providing child care through CYS or SCH EZ.
  • If you sold more than 10 stocks/bonds in the calendar year
  • If you have more than three rental properties
  • Foreign Earned Income
  • Puerto Rico State Returns
  • During the tax season (1 February 2018 – 17 April 2018), we will NOT do prior year returns or amended returns. We will, however, schedule appointments for these after the tax season (By appointment only).


  • You MUST bring your military or dependent I.D.
  • You MUST provide adequate proof of Social Security number that must come directly from the Social Security Administration for each taxpayer, spouse, and dependent(s) you wish to claim.
    • This includes:
      • Actual or copy of Social Security Card
      • A memorandum from the Social Security Administration
      • Retirees may use Social Security Statements
      • Prior year tax returns with your social security number on them ARE NOT sufficient
      • Keep in mind that it takes approximately 2-3 weeks for newborn children to be properly registered into the SSA’s system


To expedite your wait time, please fill out, print and bring this form with you: 2018 Intake/Interview and Quality Review Worksheet (English) .

  • W-2 for all wages received
  • Military ID (self and spouse)
  • Social Security Card for member, spouse & dependents
  • Property tax receipts
  • Receipts for Charitable Contributions
  • Home Mortgage Interest Statement
  • Power of Attorney (if necessary)
  • Student Loan Interest Statement (1098-E)
  • Interest Statement (1099 INT)
  • Prior year Fed & State tax return
  • Divorce Decree if applicable
  • Proof of child care expenses (tax ID)
  • Proof of educational expenses (1098-T)
  • IRA/TSP Contribution Statement
  • HUD 1 Statement
  • Educator expenses
  • Statements reflecting sales tax paid on major items, such as vehicles, boats, etc.
  • Capital Gains/Loss Dividend Income Statement (1099 DIV)
  • Bank information with routing and account number (voided check preferred in order to properly distribute refund, if applicable)