Maneuver Senior Leaders Course (M-SLC)


POC: GySgt Santana M. Jimenez;

M-SLC is on MAIN POST building 337/336 for reporting Download free app on phone called : GuideOn it lets them search building #/keywords for the entire post OLSEN HALL is where they will be quartered and it is free for students (GuideOn key word is the name) Students must arrive the DAY PRIOR TO DAY 0 REPORT DATE for check in at MARDET Students must run and have command verify APFT pass within 30 days of school HT/WT conducted on DAY 1 at M-SLC (Command Verify 15 days PRIOR to check in) SSW and Pre-Execution List signed and verified PRIOR to check in by parent command!




The purpose of the Maneuver Senior Leaders Course is to educate infantry and armor Staff Non-Commissioned Officers to be adaptive leaders, critical and creative thinkers, armed with the technical, tactical, administrative, and logistical skills necessary to serve successfully at the platoon and company level. SNCOs leave prepared with a principle understanding of the duties of a platoon sergeant and a battle staff SNCO. During your time at M-SLC you will be familiarized with Army and Marine Corps tactics, techniques, and procedures. This will include the operational environment as well as the administrative aspect of being a well-rounded platoon sergeant and SNCO at a company level or even battalion level: M-SLC is a 7-week course, consisting of approximately 289 hours of small group instruction (SGI). Combining the CMF11 (infantry) and CMF19 (scouts/armor) in the same learning environment. (each student will read the Welcome Aboard Letter for more information)




'All SNCOs must complete an TD Fitness Report from their parent command and will receive a FD Fitness Report upon completion of the course from the Marine Detachment S-3 Officer. During your time at M-SLC you will be staying in Olson Hall (Building # 399). Upon your arrival to Fort Benning, this is where you will go. Follow directions from the GuideOn App (see MarDet web page). Marine students will report on Day 0 to the Marine Detachment in Service “A” uniform and receive required compass, complete S-1 check-in, as well as meet the detachment commander and detachment SNCOIC. The following day, (Day 1), Marine students will check-in at building 337 (M-SLC) in green-on-green PT uniform with ID card and all required paper work and complete a height and weight verification.

All students are required to bring two copies of their orders before reporting and ensure all line of accounting information is annotated. Students must also ensure a copy is furnished to the Marine Corps Detachment representative during the in-brief process. SNCOs must complete the Pre-Execution Check List on this web site and the Service School Worksheet. These will be completed at your parent command and brought with you to M-SLC on check-in day for your instructor.




You will not go to CIF aboard Fort Benning as you will not need gear for the course. There are zero over-night field events. However, the course uses the Internet as a means to distribute course information. You will be issued a student Lap Top but you may also want to bring your own personal computer. Student must bring an LBV or equivalent with (2) canteens AND bring a Camelback. These will be used at Land Navigation Course (RED DIAMOND RANGE) and various PT events. All students need to have Alphas and Students must have the service 'A' uniform for graduation and one uniform inspection. You will report in Alphas at the Marine Detachment and will wear Dress Blue Bravos for Graduation and inspection. All classes need to have the appropriate seasonal PT gear. PT goes every morning so bring a few sets with you.