Army reconnaissance course


Course Description


The mission of ARC is to develop confident and agile reconnaissance leaders who can operate in unpredictable combat and training environments within their commander's intent.


prerequisites / administrative requirements\


Active Army/Marine and Reserve Component Noncommissioned Officers (E-6, E-7, E-8), Warrant Officers (W-1, W-2, W-3) Commissioned Officers (O-1, O-2, O-3), and Commissioned Allied Officers who are assigned or will be assigned to a reconnaissance unit in CMF Armor (19), Infantry (11), Engineers (21), Aviation (15), Military Intelligence (96), Field Artillery (13); who have successfully completed the Basic Officer Leadership Course /Branch(BOLC-B); Warrant Officer Candidate Aviation, Noncommissioned Officers who have successfully completed Basic Noncommissioned Officers Course (BNCOC) or Advanced Leadership Course (ALC).

All graduates of the Army Reconnaissance Course that are recommended by the Armor Proponent will be awarded the “Personnel Only” SI/ASI R7 in coordination with the Branch Manager for that CMF.

There is currently no APFT required to attend The ARC however, the problems that students must solve in the course are heavily centered on dismounted operations. It is the responsibility of the individual to arrive at the course at a level of physical fitness that can sustain dismounted operations with a minimum of 35 lbs of equipment for FTXs that can cover 30 to 40 KMs. Due to the large volume of instruction and long training days, formal physical fitness training will not be conducted every day. However, all Marines and Sailors are required to show proof with commander’s endorsement of the requirements outlined. Click here to view the sample document.

For all information regarding required documentation and physical fitness requirements prior to attending the course reference the attached documents in this section. Potential students must also have two copies of DD Form 1610 (this form is a completed copy of your orders in the correct format off of DTS).

Click here to view data sheet

Click here to view individual student assessment plan (ISAP)




Students will be required to do home work readings. The manuals are available at

  1. FM 3-20.98 Reconnaissance and Scout Platoon
  2. FM 3-90 Tactics
  3. FM 5-0 The Operations Process
    Professional Development readings required and used in course discussion:
  1. “A Good Answer to an Obsolete Questions: The Army’s Culture and Why It Needs to Change” COL Casey Haskins
  2. “Our Army’s Campaign of Learning” GEN Martin Dempsey (OCT 2009)
  3. “Army Capstone Concept”
  4. “Fixing Intel” By MG Flynn



All students will report to Patton Hall BLDG 5145 on Eighth Division Road. In-processing will take place on the second floor room 241. Please ensure you have two copies of your orders to include amendments, and the Data and Demographic survey sheet completed.

Marine Detachment - (706)626-5027

Course Manager - (706)626-8460

Teach Chief - (706)626-8458

ATRRS-Training Specialist - (706)626-8038


Gear List


For all information regarding what gear is required and restrictions on what to bring reference ARC Packing List. Click here to view gear list

Potential students will have seasonal organization specific PT gear.




Barracks are not provided. For billeting reservation contact the billeting office in Olsen Hall on main post as soon as possible, Commercial (706) 689-0067 extension 4701. You must check with the billeting office, if attending in TDY status, prior to making arrangements for off post lodging. A statement of Non-availability (SNA), if required, will be issued by the billeting office.




All students (graduates & drops) will be met by a representative of the MarDet immediately after graduation/dismissal to recieve a "From TAD Orders endorsement". This paperwork is a requirement upon return to your unit for settlement of travel claims.


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