Infantry Mortar Leader Course


Course Description


The Infantry Mortar Leader Course is designed to provide commissioned and noncommissioned officers with advanced knowledge of FDC procedures including both the plotting board and the M23 Mortar Ballistic Computer. Additionally, students will learn basic mortar tactics and forward observer techniques.

The course averages 10 hours a day, 6 days a week with morning PT that starts at 0600. Most of the time is spent in the classroom with about 2 days in the field. Students learn mortar gunnery (60, 81, and 120), aiming circle procedures, basic and advanced plotting board procedures, basic and advanced Mortar Ballistic Computer procedures, basic and advanced Mortar Fire Control Systems (system will replace MBC eventually), FO procedures, and tactical employment of the Infantry Mortar Platoon. Students will also conduct 2 mortar live fires with students serving as the gun crews, FDC, and FO’s. Students should have an in-depth understanding of the plotting board and FDC procedures prior to arrival.


Prerequisites/ Administrative Requirements

  • Rank: Sgt-Capt
  • MOS: Enl: 03XX/0848 Off: 03XX
  • Proficient in mortar gunnery, FDC procedures
  • Students must arrive on fully funded orders.
  • Students must report with advance or government credit card.
  • Must have a Reserve Seat in MCTIMS/ATRRS (No exceptions).
  • For more course information click IMLC to view their website.



All students are required to bring three copies of their orders before reporting and ensure all line of accounting information is annotated. Students must also ensure a copy is furnished to the Marine Corps Detachment representative during the in-brief process. Please ensure all receipts for lodging while attending the course are retained for voucher purposes. Travelers who are scheduled to be TDY for more than 45 consecutive are recommended to initiate scheduled partial payments through the Defense Travel System. Payments are automatically computed and scheduled for payment in 30-day increments.

Students must ensure they receive a detaching endorsement from the Marine Corps Detachment before reporting to their next follow on unit.

*Reservist - It is the members responsibility to ensure they are activated and transferred before reporting. A copy of MROWs and all modifications will be furnished to the Marine Corps Detachment representative during the in-brief process. "




4 sets of utility uniforms - reference ALMAR 007/08 for appropriate seasonal uniform.

Kevlar 1
Load Bearing Vest (LBV) 1
Boots 2
Utility Uniform 4
Green T-shirts 6
Socks, black or green 4
Socks, white 4
Martial Arts belts 2
Covers 2
Combo locks 2
ID Card 1
ID Tags 1 pr
Running shoes 1 pr
PT Uniform (green on green) 2 sets
Appropriate civilian attire  
Black gloves w/ green liners 1 set
Watch cap 1
Goretex jacket or field jacket 1
Sweats, green 1 set

The only 782 gear needed for the course is a Kevlar and an LBV. If students do not bring their own they will be required to draw a full issue of 782 gear provided by the CIF at Ft. Benning. Students should bring any seasonal field gear that is appropriate for the time of year that they are attending the course.




All students stay in the BOQ/BEQ (Abrams Hall, Bldg 1670, 7350 Ingersoll Road). Reservations can be made by calling (706) 689-0067. Cost for billeting is $80.43 per day. BOQ/BEQ may require payment in advance. Students should arrive with advances or with government credit card to cover expenses. Oftentimes, the BOQ is booked and students have to reside out in town. Endorsements will be given to students upon departure to reflect government quarters non-availability. Students must also ensure they receive statements of non-availability from the BOQ/BEQ prior to departure. Rental car is highly recommended if funding is available due to the distance from BOQ/BEQ/town lodging to school.


External Resources


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