Jumpmaster Course


Course Description


The Jumpmaster course qualifies individuals as static-line Jumpmasters. The course averages 6-10 hours a day, 5 days a week with off-duty hours and the weekend devoted to study. The course teaches: the duties and responsibilities of the jumpmaster, and the safety procedures for rigging individual equipment, procedures for rigging containers and door bundles, nomenclature and characteristics of parachute components, duties of a drop zone safety officer, setting up an running a CARP DZ, presentation of jumpmaster briefings and pre-jump training, the Jumpmaster Personnel Inspection and execution of jumpmaster duties from a USAF aircraft in flight during a day combat equipment jump.
The primary cause of failure in the Jumpmaster course is the practical application JMPI timed evaluation. However, the second most common reason for failing the course is not knowing nomenclature and the pre-jump brief prior to attending the course.


Prerequisites/ Administrative Requirements

  • USMC Cpl up to E-8, W-3, O-4
  • Any MOS
  • Male/female
  • Airborne qualification
    • Minimum 12 months on jump status
    • CURRENT Jumper (A jump from any aircraft, using any static line parachute except static line ram air, within the last 180 days).
    • Must have a minimum of 12 static line parachute jumps out the paratroop door of a USAF fixed wing high performance aircraft. NON-WAIVERABLE (C-130/ C-17/ C-27).
  • Must have a reserved school seat in ATRRS (No exceptions). Units must ensure their students are in the Army’s ATRRS system at least 45 days prior to reporting.
  • ALL STUDENTS MUST REPORT HAVING MEMORIZED THE T-11 NOMENCLATURE AND PRE-JUMP BRIEF. Day 2 is nomenclature exam and day 4 is pre-jump. T-11 Nomenclature / T-11 Pre-jump



Students are to report to Jumpmaster Branch at 0530 on Monday for in-processing. Marines will be met by a representative from the MarDet to collect orders and brief students. Building 2769 click here for map


Gear List

  • Students must arrive on fully funded DTS orders (DD Form 1610).
  • Students will bring their jump log to the course showing the minimum required jumps.
  • Students must bring original DD Form 2808 from their medical record. DO NOT bring dental or the rest of the medical record. Physical examination must be within five years.
  • Permissive jump letter or Parachutist Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay appointment letter.
  • Although the Ops-core helmet is authorized for Airborne Operations, only the Advanced Combat Helmet will be used during the course. MICH or equivalent helmet NSN list. If you do not have the correct helmet, you will be dropped from the course
  • Packing list (does not need to be present at check-in) Packing List



All students will reside in the BOQ/BEQ at about $66.50+tax per night. Students attending the Jumpmaster Course must report to the Fort Benning Lodging Office (Abrams Hall) Building 1670, 7350 Ingersoll Road for room assignments.

Government messing is available at no cost to the student. Orders must state “Government messing is provided."




All graduates will be met by a representative of the MarDet immediately after graduation to receive a "From TAD Orders endorsement". This paperwork is a requirement upon return to your unit for settlement of travel claims. If a students is dropped from the course for any reason they must report to the MarDet in person to receive their endorsement


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This app is NOT FREE and IS NOT the official app for the school house. It is however highly recommended and extremely useful.


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