Maneuver Captains Career Course


Course Description


Provides the operational force with company grade officers who possess the skills required to be agile and adaptive leaders and have the knowledge to confidently conduct operations across the operational environment. Graduates will demonstrate mastery in the science of tactical planning at the company and battalion level and an understanding at the brigade level. They will be physically and mentally prepared to inspire and lead subordinates at the company and battalion level. The outcomes of the course are to:

  1. Apply critical and creative thinking strategies while analyzing mission and operational variables across volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environments.
  2. Demonstrate adaptability and flexibility in solving complex problems at the tactical level.
  3. Demonstrate ability to communicate in a way that is thoroughly understood and inspires confidence in subordinates.
  4. Apply the core competencies of combined arms maneuver and wide area security within Unified Land Operations to seize, retain, and exploit the initiative.
  5. Demonstrate simultaneous employment of offensive, defensive, stability, and direct support of civil authority operations within Decisive Action at the tactical level.
  6. Apply the operations process as an approach to understand, visualize, and describe their operational environment across multiple and varied cultures while enabling them to direct, lead, and assess within close combat warfare.
  7. Demonstrate Mission Command in balancing the art of command with the science of control as a means to empower agile and adaptive leaders.
  8. Demonstrate critical training management and leader functions of company commander.
  9. Create critical and creative thinking and leader development strategies during the cultivation of a learning organization.
  10. Produce tactically sound mission type orders that synchronize the massing of combat power at the decisive point while enabling adaptation at the tactical level.
  11. Value collaboration and dialogue among individuals with differing perspectives.
  12. Demonstrate tolerance of and comfort with uncertainty and ambiguity and accept prudent risk.



The 0302 Monitor assigns Captains to the Maneuver Captains Career Course. Currently 4 Captains are assigned to each class. Once Captains have orders issued by HQMC to attend the course they will be sent a Welcome Aboard Package by the Marine Corps Representative. It will contain important housing and course information. Course information on the web page is not currently available as Marines are not authorized AKO accounts. School information, tactics CD, and an entrance exam study guide will be provided in the welcome aboard packet

As of June 2015, the MCCC is a 22 week course necessitating PCS orders. You will receive your follow-on set of orders only after you’ve executed orders to MCCC. Further questions regarding orders should be directed to your monitor.

If you are single, you will PCS here and receive BAH at the Ft. Benning rate and must live in town. If you don’t have dependents, you cannot submit a BAH waiver. If you are single and choose to maintain a residence at another location, that is your choice and on your own dime. You will also still receive BAS as usual. DLA is authorized for your PCS here and for your PCS to your follow-on duty.

If you are married and decide to bring your family, you will be afforded base housing on first come first serve basis. Housing is usually not difficult to obtain, but you should make arrangements as soon as possible so you can get yourself on the list. If you choose to leave your family in place, a BAH waiver will be submitted at your request when you arrive in accordance with MARADMIN 216-04, (to keep BAS at your present station) unless you are coming from OCONUS. In those cases, you must bring your family here because you lose your overseas housing allowance (OHA) and COLA once you execute orders to the school. Furthermore, getting your family to your follow-on duty station would then be at your own expense. If you leave your family in place, you must live out in town and must pay for it out of your own pocket. This is your option. FSA is not authorized if you choose to leave your family in place. You will still receive BAS and DLA “own right” on the PCS to and from here, even if you decide to leave your family in place. If your spouse is active duty, you most likely will not be able to bring her, but you will rate BAH “own right” while you are here and must live out in town. Your spouse will receive BAH “own right” where she is. You will also receive FSA and DLA “own right” in those cases and BAS as well. The only other option for married Marines is to bring your family and get a place out in town, as you will then rate our BAH. You will receive BAS as usual. DLA is authorized for your PCS here and for your PCS to your follow-on duty.




All students are required to bring three copies of their orders before reporting and ensure all line of accounting information is annotated. Students must also ensure a copy is furnished to the Marine Corps Detachment representative during the in-brief process. Please ensure all receipts for lodging while attending the course are retained for voucher purposes. Travelers who are scheduled to be TDY for more than 45 consecutive are recommended to initiate scheduled partial payments through the Defense Travel System. Payments are automatically computed and scheduled for payment in 30-day increments.

Students must ensure they receive a detaching endorsement from the Marine Corps Detachment before reporting to their next follow on unit.

*Reservist - It is the members responsibility to ensure they are activated and transferred before reporting. A copy of MROWs and all modifications will be furnished to the Marine Corps Detachment representative during the in-brief process. "


Gear List


You will not go to CIF aboard Fort Benning as you will not need gear for the course. There are zero over-night field events.  However, the course uses the Internet as a means to distribute course information.  It is highly recommended that officers attending the course bring a computer and a printer.
All students need to have Alphas and Blues (have both dress blue A’s and B’s). You will report in Alphas and attend an officers’ call at the Base CG’s house in Blues. All classes need to have the appropriate seasonal PT gear. PT goes every morning so bring a few sets with you. August and September classes will be attending the Marine Corps Birthday Ball with the Detachment. Be sure to stock up on all uniform items, as the nearest MCB is Albany MCLB 1 ½ hours south of us




ABOLC students will receive BAH for Fort Benning are required to procure billeting in the local area and. Married ABOLC Marines can request billeting through Ft Benning Housing ( ABOLC Marines on Temporary Additional Duty are billeted in local area hotels.


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