Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leader Course


Course Description


The Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leader Course is designed to develop the combat arms related functional skills of officer and non-commissioned officer volunteers eligible for assignments to those units whose primary mission is to conduct reconnaissance and surveillance, target acquisition and combat assessment operations. The course develops the technical, tactical, and leadership skills of selected officer and enlisted personnel assigned to LRS, SF, and heavy/ light division scout and reconnaissance platoons by requiring them to perform hands on tasks, as well as several written examinations. The RSLC student performs as a team member in a realistic tactical environment under mental and physical stress, approaching that found in combat. It provides the student the opportunity to refine his leadership and tactical skills to a high degree of proficiency so that he can return to his unit and train his team members.

The course lasts 26 days and pushes the student physically and academically. The training day lasts an average of 16 hours, 7 days a week. It is divided into major instructional blocks consisting of Long Range Land Navigation, communications, intelligence, weapons identification, survival, and operational techniques (planning E & R, hide/ surveillance, photo imagery, airborne, air assault, Fast Rope, and special insertion/ extraction operations).

At the beginning of the course, students will take an Army PFT and a written land navigation test. Students should practice and work on the Army sit up, push up and be proficient on written and practical application skills for land navigation prior to arrival. During the first week, students will conduct their day / night land navigation exercises. PT is conducted regularly and includes a circuit course and ruck marches. Students should prepare themselves academically and physically. Call the Marine Detachment if you would like to get course CD’s for yourself or the unit at (706) 626-8023 or RSLC Operations at (706) 544-6018.

The RSLC falls under Ranger Training Brigade, however students are not billeted in Ranger squad bays, and students maintain their rank while attending the course. Emphasis is placed on instruction. Adequate chow and rest are provided to the student so that he can learn and lead his team in the detailed planning process.


Prerequisites/ Administrative Requirements

  • Volunteer
  • Rank: Cpl and above, Non NCO’s contact RSLC OPS for waiver (706) 544-6018
  • Airborne qualification: Not required
  • Current physical: Students will report with SRB/medical and dental records. Physical must state that individual is qualified for Ranger/ Airborne training in blocks 5 and 77 and be dated within 12 months of the report date. If using DD Form 2808, Block 15c must state purpose of examination as “Ranger/Airborne Training” and Block 74a must state is qualified for service in “Ranger/Airborne Training”.
  • Good performance record with no history of drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Physical requirements: CO must certify that the Marine passed the Army PFT, CWST and additional physical tests listed on the commander’s certification (see below).
  • Students must be ordered to the RSLC. Orders must be fully funded.
    **Students scheduled to attend the Airborne or Ranger course that want to attend the RSLC after successful completion of either course should contact the Marine Corps Representative for administrative requirements and course dates.**
  • Must have a Reserve Seat in BNA/ATRRS (No exceptions) 45 days prior to arrival.
  • MEDICAL SCREENING REQUIREMENTS - The following website will aid in determining medical suitability of personnel wishing to attend RSLC.

    Students that have received LASIK and/or PRK (eye surgery) are disqualified from attending the RSLC in accordance with AR 40-501. However, students requesting a waiver for eye surgery will use the Army Waiver Data Sheet. See the RSLC Homepage for this form. Waivers will not be approved for eye surgeries performed less than 3 months prior to training. Other waiver issues may be directed to the Ranger Training Brigade Surgeon @ DSN 784-7403, Comm (706)544-7403 by sending unit medical officers. Students that incur medical problems following their physical examination must be assessed prior to departure from sending units. Commanders are responsible for ensuring that applicants meet medical standards upon arrival to RSLC. Students arriving without all required paperwork will be dropped from the course.
  • Orders must state that “Hazardous Duty is authorized”.
  • When possible, units should send integral recon team’s to the course to maximize training benefits.



Students will report to Delta Co, 4th Ranger Training Battalion 10441 Ware Avenue Ft. Benning, Georgia 31905. All students will report to the RSLC classroom Building P4925 NLT 1200 on Sunday prior to the start of the course.




See Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leader/ Ranger web page for current gear list and additional information. /infantry/rtb

  • USMC PT gear will be worn by Marines attending the course.
  • Rigger’s belts are not authorized. Martial Arts belts only.
  • RSLC has a limited amount of 782 gear that can be issued to the student. Students should bring the recommended 782 gear or unit issued equivalent.



All students live in Delta Co barracks while attending the course. No advances needed. Students should bring money to cover travel expenses (e.g. 2 nights in the BOQ/ BEQ prior to the course start date). Reservations can be made at the BOQ/BEQ (Olson Hall) by calling (706) 689-0067. Cost is $31 a day. Availability of rooms is limited, so hotel arrangements may have to be made if availability is lacking. Statements of non-availability may be obtained from the BOQ/BEQ in those cases. Students should bring money to cover travel expenses and food.




All students (graduates & drops) will be met by a representative of the MarDet immediately after graduation/dismissal to recieve a "From TAD Orders endorsement". This paperwork is a requirement upon return to your unit for settlement of travel claims.


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