M1A1 Tank Technician Course


Course Description


To train tank mechanics (2146) in system troubleshooting and maintenance procedures on the Marine Corps Main Battle Tank, M88A2 Tank Recovery Vehicle, Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge (AVLB), and Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV) to include administrative forms records and procedures. The course includes advanced instruction on organizational and intermediate level maintenance and troubleshooting procedures of the M1A1, M88A2, AVLB, and ABV hull and turret systems. These include the engine, transmission, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, analyzing and interpreting electrical and hydraulics systems maintenance forms and record keeping procedures, publications, calibration procedures, and to perform integrated diagnostics with external test sets to include computer, digital and analog systems. The course length is 47 training days.



  • Complete the M1A1 Tank System Mechanic Course.
  • Must volunteer for the course.
  • Possess the rank of Cpl to SSgt.
  • MM score of 105 or higher.
  • Must have at least 12 months remaining on contract.

Students will run a PFT/CFT while attending the course, and must meet the HT/WT standards.

Required documents for in-processing:
DTS orders.
Government Travel Charge Card.




All students are required to bring three copies of their orders before reporting and ensure all line of accounting information is annotated. Students must also ensure a copy is furnished to the Marine Corps Detachment representative during the in-brief process. Please ensure all receipts for lodging while attending the course are retained for voucher purposes. Travelers who are scheduled to be TDY for more than 45 consecutive are recommended to initiate scheduled partial payments through the Defense Travel System. Payments are automatically computed and scheduled for payment in 30-day increments.

Students must ensure they receive a detaching endorsement from the Marine Corps Detachment before reporting to their next follow on unit.

*Reservist - It is the members responsibility to ensure they are activated and transferred before reporting. A copy of MROWs and all modifications will be furnished to the Marine Corps Detachment representative during the in-brief process. "


Gear List:

  • Marine Corps Green PT gear to include Marine Corps Running Suit and green sweat top and bottom.
  • 2 sets of utility uniforms - reference ALMAR 007/08 for appropriate seasonal uniform.
  • Seasonal Service Uniforms.
  • Coveralls.
  • Safety Boots.
  • 6 green T-shirts.
  • 6 pair boot socks.
  • White socks (covering the ankle bone) (no logos, brands, stripes etc.)
  • Martial Arts belts.
  • 1 pair running shoes (no 5 toed shoes)
  • eyeglasses (if required)
  • Government Vehicle Operators License.
  • Serviceable ID card.
  • ID tags with chain.



Students will not be offered billeting on Fort Benning and will need to be billeted out in town. Students will require transportation to and from training at the cost of their parent command. The use of Privately Owned Vehicles (POV) is authorized. Family members are not authorized.


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