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ARNG Warrior Training Center

Basic Combatives and Tactical Combatives Trainer Courses

Basic Combatives (Level 1) certified trainers are capable of teaching basic combatives basic core techniques. They can implement basic comtatives training at the Squad level with oversight from Tactical Combatives (Level 2) trainers.

Tactical Combatives (Level 2) certified trainers are given a more detailed understanding of basic core techniques, and are given a broadened knowledge of some more advanced fighting techniques. They can implement basic combatives training at the Platoon level with oversight from Basic Combatives Instructors (Level 3).

Basic Combatives Instructors (Level 3) are authorized to teach the Basic Combatives Trainer course as well as run Battalion sized Combatives programs with oversight from Tactical Combatives Instructors (Level 4).


Modern Army Combatives Course MTTs are currently available for Levels I & II certification. Level I is five days in duration and is the base level for every Soldier in the ARNG. Level two is ten days in duration and builds on the skills introduced in the Level I course. Both Level I and II have incorporated quick strikes and other moves previously taught in Level III and IV. These changes allow Soldiers to subdue an opponent without the need to take them to the ground.

ATRRS Class Dates

Basic Combatives (Level 1) Trainer Course

Tactical Combatives (Level 2) Trainer Course


Soldiers reporting to the WTC’s Combatives Trainer facility at Fort Benning, GA should report to the address below at 0630 hours on the date listed on ATRRS as the Report Date. The address is:

A Company, ARNG WTC
6901 Rosell Street, Building 4157
Fort Benning, GA 31905

Students will be lodged at the facility. We do not recommend lodging anywhere else due to the nature and length of the training. A statement of non-availability of government quarters WILL NOT be issued.

Soldiers reporting to MTT Locations should contact their Unit for reporting information.

Documentation / Packing List

Trainer Course Timelines

Mobile Training Teams

Units interested in purchasing MTTs need to do so through their State Quota Source manager. You may contact us to get preliminary specific information, but a formal request needs to go through proper channels. Consult the sample Combatives (MTT)memo for proper format to the request. Forward the request to the Quota Source Manager of your NG State.