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Ranger Training Assessment Course

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Dedicated to all Rangers - Past, Present and Future.


RTAC consists of 14 days of training. The first week is designed to mirrorthe first week of Ranger School's (Benning) phase. The second week is designed to Coach, Teach, and Mentor students during the patrol phase of the course.

The purpose of the RTAC is to prepare Soldiers to succeed at the US Army Ranger School. RTAC accomplishes this by assessing Soldiers' physical and mental capabilities, training Soldiers on Troop Leading Procedures, and Reconnaissance/Ambush patrols to the same standards conducted at the US Army Ranger School. RTAC is designed to verify that all medical/dental and administrative paperwork is complete for Ranger School attendance. Students will be required to pass the minimum Ranger Physical Assessment (RPA) of 49 push-ups, 59 sit-ups and 5 mile (release) run in 40:00 minutes or less. In addition to the RPA, students will be evaluated at the Combat Water Survival Test, Land Navigation, Road March, Ranger Tasks Training, Patrols, and Peer Evaluations.

Army National Guard Soldiers are required to attend and successfully complete RTAC prior to attending Ranger School.

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Medical Information
Medical information pertaining to requirements, waivers, considerations, and the Ranger Physical Exam Check List can found under the Medical Tab on the below link.
Medical Information
AR 40-501 Medical Fitness
DoDI 6130.03 Medical Standards
RTAC Medical Screening
Physical Information Form
*Important Info Regarding Ranger Physicals

RTAC Student Resources
RTAC Fitness Plan
Ranger School Success Guide

**AF Personnel requesting to attend WTC Air Assault must contact the AF LNO office. At no time will units or personnel go direct with WTC without prior coordination with AF LNO.**

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Ranger tab Photo

Ranger William E. Butler (Ret) 2000 Ranger Hall of Fame Inductee

Click here for the history of Ranger Butler.