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In defense of NATO

The NATO Reconnaissance and Security Strike Group: Regaining Operational R&S in European Command

by MAJ Steve Orbon

Lessons-Learned and Organizational Improvements: Saber Squadron in Exercises Saber Strike 16 and 18
by CPT Jared D.L. Moore

The Implications of Innovation in Space-Based Remote Sensing on Maneuver Warfare
by LTC Brad Townsend

Swimming Russian Tanks Across Rivers

by retired LTC (Dr.) Lester W. Grau

Deliberate Wet-Gap Crossings in Korean Theater of Operations
by LTC Robert Dion

Building Equipment Readiness in the Armored Brigade Combat Team Cavalry Squadron
by LTC John Horning, MAJ Wade Greenlee, 1LT P. Andrew Bailey and 1LT Dustin Kaminsky

A Different Approach to the Scout Squad for the Mounted Force

by LTC John Horning, CPT Jake Kelly, SFC Brian Andrade and SFC Brian Ellis

Overcoming Semantics: How to Deconflict the Fundamentals of Reconnaissance to Win at Platoon Level
by CPT Patrick Zang

Understanding the Tempo of Reconnaissance
by CPT Nathan Sitterley

Reconnaissance Pull in the Offense: A Mexican-American War Case Study

by MAJ Nathan Jennings

Low-altitude mastery
Implementation of Quadcopter Unmanned Aerial Systems into Reconnaissance Platoons

by SPC Christopher Broman

Managing 0-100 Feet Above Ground Level: Aviation Employment and Airspace Management in the Decisive-Action Fight
by MAJ Adam S. McCoy

Leader development
The Nature of Warfare: Has Clausewitz Maintained Relevancy?

by MAJ Chaveso Cook, MAJ Charles Slider and MAJ Terron Wharton

Deception - the Operation We Avoid
by CPT Andre C. Aleong


Chief of Armor's Hatch: Armor School Ongoing Efforts
by BG Kevin D. Admiral

Gunner's Seat: Talent Management Needs to Be More Than Just Buzzwords
by CSM Kevin Muhlenbeck

Battle Analysis: The Saga of OZ 77 in the Arab-Israeli War of 1973: A Small Armor Unit’s Fight in a Large-Scale Combat Operation
by retired LTC Lee F. Kichen

Book reviews: First Day on the Eastern Front by Craig Luther; Spearhead by Adam Makos; Ghosts of Fallujah by Coley D. Tyler.
Reviews by LTC (Dr.) Robert G. Smith, LTC Chris Heatherly, COL Bill Wyman

Armor and Cavalry Medal of Honor Heroes: Caldwell through Campbell , Capehart through Capron, Carey through Carr, Chandler through Clancy

Tanks of the World:
Challenger 2

Legends of Armor:
LTG Funk, MG Peled

Featured unit:
61st Cavalry Regiment